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  1. I cooked 500 yesterday in the evening and that was already enough for me and my thumb :D

  2. Wieviel Geld hast du über die 10 Jahre ungefähr eingenommen ?

  3. I think you have to chase them 3 Times and then they stop and you can find them

  4. Delete all trees in a biome where hardwood can spawn. It can spawn in:

  5. Man so beautiful. Maybe you can add a picture from above? I kinda wanna build this in my world :D

  6. Yeah same here. Got the recipe for 3 diffrent paths but cant craft any

  7. Because i dont want to wait until next year, i wanna play it now. And 30 bucks is not that much, so i was thinking why not

  8. I did the same thing when i did this. Did the community challenge pack before i started the main game :D

  9. Also took me around 35h to 100%, so plat+dlc. And honestly if you go into it already with collectibles in mind and searching every room as you're going though the story etc and also generally don't suck at shooters I don't think you would have any issues staying below 40h for the Plat. I can't understand how some people take more than 70h to Plat this game. It's not just rng either, you're probably just missing rooms as you're going through or not searching well

  10. Yeah you're right. I looked into every room all the time. So if i died and i started over, i looked again in all possible rooms. After i finished act 3 i already got 2 biomes done without really searching for the collectibles. And for the other 4 bioms i was only missing a few things

  11. How hard was it to 100% the DLC? I got the platinum at launch, haven’t started the DLC yet.

  12. Not that hard. The DLC is like a endless mode, you fight thru rooms and can buy upgrades between the waves. There are no rng trophies. You just gotta defeat the thirds boss for a trophie and get some collectibles. But the collectibles are always at the same place in the same room, so you get them 100%.

  13. Last of us part 1 & 2, Returnal, Ghost of Tsushima, Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Maybe the Bioshock Series. But huge congrats on Rdr 1 & 2. I gave up on 2 because of the online mode. Maybe i come back in a few months or a year and make it my plat 100

  14. Oh and Cuphead is awesome. A bit challenging but so much fun and the art and music is so good in this game.

  15. Congrats! I play it right now, gotta get the collectibles in biome 2,3,5 and 6. I hope the rng is on my side. How long did it take you ?

  16. Congrats cant wait to get my hands on this one and go through it again! Are the collectables still in the same places as the original?

  17. Some are slighty different what i heard. But PowerPyx has already a guide on youtube for the remake if you wan't to check it out.

  18. Congrats! Gonna start this today or tomorrow.

  19. Congrats. Did 100% a few months ago and some of the DLC trophies are no joke. It is an wonder i didn't throw my controller against the wall.

  20. Früher definitiv Gothic 1 & 2 und Stronghold Crusader. Heute TLOU 1 & 2, The Witcher 3 und Satrdew Valley. Um nur ein paar zu nennen.

  21. How was it ? Gonna start it in a few days. Anyway congrats!

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