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  1. Ah, the classic femboy wolf by FleurFurr. Overposted honestly, and often without credit. Anyways, yes, the femboy furries are, in fact, Among Us.

  2. It's just regular ass NovelAI lol. They have a furry module that works for non-human characters.

  3. i know but when i go to the website it doesnt give me any download or a link to a built-in webui, it just keeps me on the same page

  4. Someone's gotta hack NovelAI because i am NOT paying to use an AI model

  5. seeing a bee cum honey is something id never thought id want to see a lot more of

  6. If your sitting in a room with nothing but a ultraviolet light, what will the room look like? Translate that mental image into an rgb value.

  7. That is not it at all. Trying to see ultraviolet/infrared light is like trying to see out of your elbow. Those types of light aren't even picked up by our eyes (obviously) so the room would still be dark. The picture still holds true because it's a white background behind the color spectrums. They shouldn't have painted black on each side for the color spectrum, they should've painted clear. Which would still show the white background. They way you word this is as if black is a color. Things we can't see aren't translated to black, They're translated to... clear. Not the absence of light, but the absence of visible light. That's why the 'dark room' thing doesn't make any sense. Of course it's gonna be dark; there isn't anything within the visible spectrum in the room. But that doesn't mean that ultraviolet/infrared light are black in our vision. If that were so, you'd be able to see black sunrays. But you can't. In conclusion, black is the absence of visible light, while ultraviolet/infrared are clear to us, not black. Like I said, it's more like seeing out of your elbow than seeing in the dark.

  8. wait huh? clearly see tiddies on the left but from then on its all male. makes no sense smh

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