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  1. if studio 4C made another berserk anime with the animation quality of children of the sea we're all in for a treat

  2. I think the black swordsman could work as a full 2 hour movie from 4C but if they're gonna adapt any other arc they should stick to the episodic format, as it's already proving to work better for the memorial edition

  3. I dunno about y’all but I identify as a used car battery

  4. everyone talking about the racist AI but no one talking about the patrick bateman image

  5. Only new content has been Bonfire of Dreams (ep 5) and like 90 more minutes of animated content of Casca talking with Guts in the cave (ep 4).

  6. BRO I got an exam on december 1st it’s sooo annoying

  7. anyone know if it'll be available in australia?

  8. is it just me or does chris look like rick astley here?

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