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  1. You’re basically famous now

  2. I’m just curious, what do you think “afk” means?

  3. Xenc says:

    Management for YouTube Kids is afk maybe

  4. Xenc says:

    Aw that is much wholesome

  5. Bonuses are taxed higher because they're considered supplemental income. Seeing the two side by side is what brought it into perspective for me. Just one of those things that just feel fundamentally unfair.

  6. Xenc says:

    Thanks for the explanation. Sorry you didn’t get the full amount. It almost seems nonsensical to offer a bonus if that’s not what it’s going to be. 😞

  7. Don’t thank him, he just gave you false information.

  8. Xenc says:

    Understood. So it is similar to how it operates in the UK. That makes way more sense now.

  9. Xenc says:

    Nice. I like the bar pull ups. Thanks for the video! 👏

  10. Xenc says:

    Peanut’s little face! 🥺

  11. Xenc says:

    Bless them both, great names too! 💜

  12. Xenc says:

    That account was stacked. Kanye should sue woke media.

  13. Right? Just ask "What drinks would you like that I can spill on you next?"

  14. Xenc says:

    Risky play, read the room first!

  15. Xenc says:

    This is such a great photo 👏

  16. Xenc says:

    Send this pathetic excuse for a human to jail, this is disgusting

  17. Who ever censured the word penis is stupid af

  18. Xenc says:

    Can you censor please there are children in the internet

  19. Xenc says:

    This is no accident. You can be any permutation of witch or wizard in terms of looks, voice, and pronouns in Hogwarts Legacy. Portkey Games have made it clear multiple times that they are not affiliated with Rowling or her views. Please don’t sully their work!

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