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We’re Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, costars of the upcoming film RENFIELD, here to answer all your questions about bugs, bad bosses, and everything in between. AMA!

An amazing showing.

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  1. That is not my intention and if people have them to give I encourage them to give them to comments much more deserving

  2. Omg the shape. That looks sick though, can I come and skate it??

  3. Looks like a print of “Psyche the Fairy Girl” by William Sergeant Kendall

  4. Thanks, bud! I’m going to give this a shot sometime early next week and I’ll let you know how it goes. Do you know when I can grab that dial magnet?

  5. Bro replied to a 17 hour old comment

  6. Use a T-Shirt Graphic Design website and put some of the more popular art on some of the T-Shirts? Maybe make 1 pinned post advertising a website they can buy it at, then make a highlights tab to show it off so you don’t have to spam your feed? Good luck and congrats on the followers / good engagement!

  7. Thank you so much! I did think of t-shirts, but I don’t know if they would appeal to people, unless they were original designs or something. Perhaps prints would be more effective? But again, there are so many prints of famous artworks, I’m not sure if they would entice people :/?

  8. Those are some really interesting ideas, thank you! Just a couple of questions:

  9. Have you ever been unable to resist the urge to have sex with a customer?

  10. Update: I'm requesting the referees report under the Freedom of Information Act & Privacy Act. We'll see what happens.

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