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  1. This custom looks so good!!! I love the poem you based it on. I remember crying the first time I read it.

  2. Aaaa ty!! The poem always gets me teary eyed too tbh, I just wanted to make a lil tribute to it for myself because it's such a meaningful poem to me

  3. i love this poem, AND this custom is absolutely adorable! would love one of my own. is this the full size longhorn or the buddy?

  4. Wait the coconut scent is back?

  5. Technically?? It can be bought through heartbox and be added to furry friends directly through the heartbox links. This can be done with coconut, coffee, and pumpkin spice.

  6. Learn something new everyday 😅 I can't seem to do that for some reason, but/if when I can, definitely gonna do that for blueberry and peach.

  7. One of the ways to do it is go to the scent's page and hit 'add to furry friend', and once you're in the bear builder you can go back to the scent page and hit the same thing again. You just keep doing that and it adds one of the scents each time- or at least that's how I do it XD

  8. Smart post only delivers on week days, whereas home delivery is all days of the week. If your package overlaps a weekend it will sit exponentially longer comparative to its home delivery partner.

  9. If smartpost doesn't deliver on weekends then they shouldn't give weekend days for their estimated delivery dates

  10. Fedex smartpost and whatever ups calls it are the same idea. They take the package to the final hub then transfer to usps. This saves them money thus lowers the shipping costs. It's also a slower shipping method as it isn't prioritized over higher shipping rates.

  11. Smartest has never transfered it to usps for me, they deliver it themselves.

  12. Currently in my room I have 39 regular and 2 jumbo size bears, I've got another 4 bears on the way currently as well,, along with the storage bins of my childhood bears downstairs. I started collecting between 6th and 8th grade, then took a break due to thinking i was 'too old for bears',, the current bears in my room are mostly from the last year.

  13. Oh he’s perfect! I hope when I eventually get my hands on a Thylacine I can either get one with stripes or restore the stripes

  14. I highly recommend them! They're so soft!! I got Tapenade off fb marketplace for a lot cheaper than I ever thought I'd get one!

  15. Just be careful putting any alcohol cleaners on it (hand sanitizer etc) because it'll bleed :)

  16. Ye, i know XD I work with alcohol inks frequently for art, which is why I had it on hand for this project!

  17. Where did u get this shelf? It displays them perfectly they're not squished down!

  18. I figured it out RIGHT after posting this lmaoo, ig I manifested an idea upon whining

  19. Oh thank you. They only sell in stores? Is there anywhere online I can order it from?

  20. iirc if you got it in store i think its about 130ish(?) including taxes, pickups are like... 150ish depending on how generous the person is. i got mine picked up for the lower end and even then it still drained me

  21. If all u want is accuracy with your bears, do you dress them? Animals don't wear clothes and walk around on two legs normally. You'd be hard pressed to find a rabbit strolling through the woods with a dress on.

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