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  1. Amber was so toxic and abusive to Becky holy shit

  2. Her method of counting calories is so frustrating. She will just estimate things by the amount of serving sizes she thinks she had. She truly thinks she is eating 1600 calories a day and plateauing at 500lbs. No ma'am, not possible.

  3. didnt she get measured out food from jenny craig or something? so she knows how much she should be eating.

  4. She's done so many diets with the aim of controlling her intake. She did weight watchers and did everything she could to loophole her way into eating more like choosing "zero point foods". She did Jenny Craig and she became a Jenny Bye-Bye because Amby binged and decided to end the diet as opposed to moving on from a mistake. She did Optavia which, to her credit, is not a safe diet and shouldn't be done without medical supervision.

  5. You are young, so you have that in your favor. I was that weight at your age and lost 50 pounds, but over the course of 8 years. I don't have lose skin. I agree with the commenters here - slow, steady weight loss is your best bet for avoiding lose skin.

  6. I lost Yunaka at Ch. 17 and the game hasn't been the same since 😭

  7. Whoever sent her that book is a champ hahaha

  8. At 5'1" and lightly active, 1500 cals a day is extremely, extremely slow weight loss. I'm talking one pound every two months.

  9. He calls himself the MILF whisperer and has a program called Revenge Body. He seems like the worst person imaginable.

  10. Honestly when I read that he works only with women that was an instant red flag.

  11. This isn't bad at all. You ate only 300 calories over, so you may still be a in a smaller deficit depending on your TDEE. You also ate a high amount of protein, which raises your TDEE slightly for that day due to the thermic effect of food. Considering it's Day 1, you are definitely laying the foundation for success.

  12. A lot of people dislike Zach for being too nice but I personally like him a lot! He calls GORL out when warranted (which is a lot lol) and doesn't nitpick like many of the others do.

  13. A bunch of fruit and some oatmeal is "not much of a meal but whatever" ☠️😂 The projection is soooo strong.

  14. It's very interesting how weight and body shape varies so much even with women of the same height. At 5'1" 114 lbs I am the same size as you are at 132 lbs- size 4 and S in shirts. When I was 132 pounds I was around a size 10/12 and wearing L shirts. I think this just shows how arbitrary goal weights are!

  15. Alcryst is one of my best units. I don't know if I got lucky with him but he doubles everything with decent damage and nearly always gets criticals. His natural crit rate is between 30-40% and with a killer bow it's 50-60%. I also kept him in his unique class and he procs Luna fairly often.

  16. Any scale that measures your body fat is using electrical signals to make an estimate based on the water in your body. Because the water in your body fluctuates very often, the readings will fluctuate as well. Unfortunately there is no accurate way to measure body fat that isn't super expensive.

  17. I'm a smoker and upvoted your comment. It's a filthy habit. Tried to quit and failed several times. I quit other things just fine, like soda.

  18. Good luck to you, I hope that one day you can beat your addiction.

  19. this is off topic but i know this girl who got gastric banding surgery and she did not lose any weight, why does this happen? i thought the surgery basically makes u throw up if u eat too much

  20. You won't lose weight if you are aren't burning more calories than you take in. She could have been eating calorically dense foods while remaining fairly sedentary.

  21. Amber's basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn in a coma just to stay alive) is around 3,000 calories assuming she is 5'2" and 500lbs even. Even though Fitbits are notoriously inaccurate, it's not too surprising to imagine she would burn at least 4,000 calories a day if she were moving a decent amount.

  22. How funny. I'm the opposite with spinach. Put in a salad, and I'm all in. The minute it gets warm, it's too slimy for me.

  23. Ah same. The goopy texture puts me off so bad. I like the nice crunch crunch instead.

  24. It frustrates me to witness her limitless array of talents.

  25. Losing weight won't magically make you love yourself, and it won't undo the damage from a toxic relationship. Mental health is an important part of health and it sounds like yours is not great at the moment. I highly encourage to seek therapy of some sort to help you recover from the mental damage your ex inflicted upon you. Once you mentally are in a good place, and you learn to love yourself again (regardless of weight), your fitness goals will be easier to obtain and more rewarding. Best of luck on your health journey.

  26. I'm sorry but I would 100% eat some version of the cucumber boat thing. Like it doesn't sound THAT bad.

  27. The problem with the cucumber boat was the ratio of the ingredients she used. I'm sure it would have been tasty had she sliced the cucumbers normally (into circles) and made mini sandwiches. But we know our gorl doesn't like to put in the extra effort to slice up her food properly. We have all seen how she cuts onions LOL.

  28. My morning latte. Whole milk or vanilla almond milk. I accept nothing less.

  29. 125 lbs. is a healthy weight for 5'1". It is a good goal weight.

  30. Chick-FIL-a has a lot of options. They have grilled nuggets, but my favorite is the cool wrap which has lots of chicken, lettuce, and some cheese. Without dressing it's about 350-400 calories and is really filling.

  31. Unfortunately as petite people, our caloric needs are lower in general, especially when sedentary. I try to eat really satiating foods high in fiber, protein, and healthy fat (fat is calorically dense but very satiating).

  32. I am 5'1" and maybe a quarter as active as you. I maintain on 1600-1700 daily. You sound active enough to need to be eating around the 2000 mark.

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