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  1. As others have said, you admitted to holding your phone to the officer. You’re guilty. Pay the fine and move on

  2. I wouldn’t ask for a pay raise at my firm out of the blue. It makes no sense to think they would have given you a salary based on a 0-1 year lawyer in October if you would have been 1+ after 1 month at your new firm. I’d think they would have offered you the higher salary from the jump.

  3. Edit: unless you’re at a biglaw firm (which it sounds like you’re not) I don’t think there is such a thing as a “9 month wage gap” or any wage gap for that matter unless your firm has lockstep raises.

  4. The tall one blocked the light from the smaller ones. They weren’t able to survive with such low office lights. Sorry but the bottom ones are done. I’d dig them out and check for pups. You might want to do that sooner than later so the smaller ones dead roots don’t signal to the tall one that “we’re dying”

  5. Plants need sunlight or a strong grow light. It needs to move near a window to survive.

  6. So do you think the bottom 3 can grow back if I buy a grow light? They’ve unfortunately been leafless for a few months and I’m worried that it’s too late to salvage

  7. I think it’s really hard to gauge without having the stone on a setting. That made the stone a lot easier to isolate imo

  8. You’re signing away your right to take them to court and any disputes would be resolved through arbitration

  9. Receivables are any right to payment. So claims are not receivables since a claim isn’t a right to payment. If you provided services and are owed $10 you have $10 in receivables

  10. Ik this will get downvoted, but couldn’t agree more. Lottery ball is lame and everyone that thinks it’s the funniest thing is a dork. Very over hearing it for the last 2+ years. Also couldn’t care less about people posting that they got it

  11. Thanks I saw that they've got some cheap pitchers which is great just looking to hang with like 2 or 3 friends so hopefully we can get a spot if we go.

  12. My buddy attended a black tie wedding here over the summer and said the fans provided little to no comfort. He did not have a good time!

  13. Be proactive when looking for work and try not to say no to work

  14. My Cousin Vinny, Better Call Saul, To Kill a Mockingbird. Legally Blonde, The Trial of the Chicago 7.

  15. I thought the title said “least favorite” and got so sad reading this hahah

  16. You can try the James Allen Ring Studio to play around with mixing and matching certain ring design components and see how it all looks put together:

  17. Thirded. Pinterest has everything. Instagram is great for browsing, too. You can discover lots of wonderful jewelers on there. Once you have a sense of the styles you might like, definitely try rings on in person. Have fun with it!

  18. State Farm. Had to replace most of my things due to fire, they paid out my entire policy, and were easy to work with.

  19. I hear Lemonade is good as long as you're just filing claims for your iPad or bike getting stolen but that if there's a fire or other significant loss then you're in for a world of pain trying to get your claims processed

  20. You should look at the app SpotHero. It lets you reserve a spot ahead of time (can reserve for multiple days) and can potentially save you a good amount of money (as opposed to looking for a place day of).

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