News from Yeastin

  1. Mashallah the bandit was stopped. May allah grant all the blessings to the families and may such never happen again, inshallah.

  2. Kyllä asia mies pisti ne vitun ykät nippuu. Jatka samaa asiaa vaa.

  3. Yall just like mind stoping the reposting of the maybe 4-8 clips.

  4. Idk man seems like a skill issue.

  5. ...Yeah they will try to kill them all.

  6. Can we just agree that brittan was the most horrid mistake in humanity. Just ever.

  7. Did you even read the holy Quran?

  8. Mashallah, brother I am happy for you.

  9. This is very much wrong it is missing the giga Finnish empire and the swedish caliphate.

  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but is this man not a criminal?

  11. Of course he is. He's a politician.

  12. Mashallah brother is based beoynd belief!

  13. Mashallah! May Allah count every child fed as a thousand good deeds to his name!

  14. She should have beaten her daughter to the brink of death.

  15. For all Americans just embrace the end times, you are doomed. Your rich will grow richer, the poor poorer and all will crash and burn. Inshallah a few of you will make it out.

  16. Mashallah, the state has lost its monopoly on violence to the people, for the people!

  17. Inshallah, the black flag shall be hoisted over sweden soon.

  18. May Allah the ever merciful bless him with strenght and a good laywer.

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