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  1. I don't particularly want to bring my child up in this world. It's full of terrible people and a dodgy government. To top it off, I also don't like the sound of childbirth and having to spend all of my money on a child rather than holidays abroad.

  2. It doesn't look washed out to me, but it's definitely too bright. Both games are like that and yet, no other PC game of mine is too bright, so I can't even blame the monitor. The game definitely needs a brightness/gamma slider.

  3. When I was young I figured I'd get married in my late twenties - early thirties, but I'm actually getting married at 24 (in a year and a half). It feels so soon, but I also would have been with my fella for a decade, which is crazy, so it also feels like it isn't soon enough!

  4. Honestly, this is the dream. I'd love to live off grid. The next best thing that is 'somewhat' similar is van-life, which is something me and my fiancé REALLY want to do. Obviously the two aren't really comparable, but they both require a lot of sacrifices - something the vast majority of people aren't willing to make, and understandably so. But when you get to be self reliant or travel the world, I'd happily make those sacrifices.

  5. Window wipers for my glasses. I'm absolutely blind in the rain. 🤣

  6. My current neighbours. Alcoholics, drug addicts and they LOVE to shout at all hours of the day/night. Also, they have a rat problem and the buggers keep getting into my walls through the cavity that connects our houses. Me and my fiancé are going to sell as soon as we can and buy a detached house.

  7. My fiancé asked me out by making a cute mixtape.

  8. He was! He always does very sweet, little gestures for me. ☺️

  9. Trampolines is the last one I can recall. 🤣 My fiancé helped me overcome that when we were teenagers.

  10. Soup or a sandwich. Though, I never run late and always have time to cook a proper meal, thankfully.

  11. I think it partly depends on the context, but my fiancé often and casually refers to me as gorgeous, which is very sweet.

  12. Eucalyptus green. Just a very muted, cool green, if you don't want to give it a specific name.

  13. To have no medical issues. I'd be unstoppable. 😁

  14. At the moment I'm cutting them in half and using them as curtain spacers. Me and my fiancé bought our house last year so we have lots of curtains to make pretty. 🤣

  15. I've been using Palmer's shampoo and conditioner for years and I refuse to use anything else. It makes my hair feel suuuuuper lightweight and ridiculously soft. Literally everyone who touches my hair says it's the softest they've ever felt.

  16. That’s not even the same sized ape as in the film. The one in the film was as big if not bigger than the kid.

  17. That's because they used multiple apes to play Gordy.

  18. Book my wedding, if that counts. 🥳

  19. definitely counts. i wish you all the best

  20. At the moment - our wedding. ✨ We're both very excited and a tad impatient. 🤣

  21. My best friend had a very long, elaborate train AND long veil for her wedding and she wore a wrist loop and was completely fine the entire day/night. I personally don't like the look of bustles, so I know when it comes to me buying my own dress (which will be soon! 🥳), I'll definitely be getting a wrist loop if I end up with a long train. But you do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident. 💙

  22. Regular snails will drown within 24 hours of being in water, so yes, I absolutely would take the money and move my butt abroad. I never killed the snail - the snail was dumb and simply followed me into water.

  23. I love dress 1 the most!! But dress 2 is also gorgeous. 💙 I think they both really compliment your figure!!

  24. YES. Absolutely yes. "Real" or a pretend haunted house at a theme park - I'd love to go inside one! I love scares and spooks.

  25. Have you checked out for endometriosis. I had awful lower back pain that ended up being a endometrioma in the lower back of my uterus. Did not show in any scan or ultrasound and pretty much every doctor said it was just posture for being on a computer all day.

  26. I'm actually currently trying to get diagnosed with Endo. 🤣 It runs in my family and my uterus and cervix are both severely messed up and cause me so much pain. I'm just waiting to see my gynecologist again and try to push for answers.

  27. It’s not for everyone, but have you checked out the Curable app or the Tell Me ABout your Pain podcast ? Both good places to learn about chronic pain. I personally found them very helpful so just wanted to suggest them, and wish you well. Chronic pain is no joke.

  28. I haven't checked out either of those but I definitely will! Thank you for this!! 💙

  29. I personally wouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt. If you disrespect me then you're no longer worth my time.

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