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  1. Havnt they been saying something similar for years now? If people want to take the risk of their data being sold or whatever then it’s on them. But I feel like every app in existence has a possibility of doing this so including our own government

  2. I wish other countries were like Japan. They’ve been wearing masks in public for decades just for things as simple as preventing a cold.

  3. I doubt they would be adding it if they didnt intend to give it the multiplayer. if the steam version gets multiplayer i dont see why console wouldnt

  4. I don’t think any of the classic games they’ve been offering so far has included past multiplayer

  5. That’s from aspyr and that’s more than a PSP emulation

  6. EA turned it down because of the licensing costs for Star Wars -

  7. Which makes sense especially after the first two games just not making them money. Plus focusing on IPs they personally own is safer and smarter. It just sucks 2042 also had a bad launch.

  8. The annoying thing is they just don't have to be scummy and theyd probably will have a hit on their hands

  9. Yeah, you’ve got crazy mfers like Vince McMahon who would literally do something such as tell Orton, ‘You better kick me, damnit!’

  10. If somehow you're the carny-king of them all, yet buy into the wrestler's moves and somehow convince yourself that it makes you one of the boys to eat the same moves they (absolutely don't, if they can help it) eat ...

  11. He always liked the authenticity and would always take a bump to show someone it’s safe to bump. Like the Gronk fall for example

  12. Gonna gave to disagree with tlou2 being a banger but each to their own ( that's what peeps with bad taste always say)

  13. Cyberpunk 2077 won the 4th most Game of the Year awards in 2020. 35 GOTY awards in total

  14. Don't know why you got downvoted because that is indeed the old Raelian symbol. Raelianism had/has nothing to do with Judaism nor Nazism. They actually changed their symbol to remove the swastika as many people connected it with Nazism.

  15. Yes but are we to believe that Kanye after going on like a year long anti Jew rampage that he somehow knows what this specific star is and not because he thought it was the Swatsika in the Star of David?

  16. Because he’s manipulating your reaction. His way of exposing your programmi— I mean moral outrage. Imagined getting played by Ye KEK.

  17. It’s almost frustrating at this point because a lot of old exotics need reworks or buffs

  18. Didn’t he love shadowlands for like a solid month? I always find it funny how much he hates it now after liking it at first

  19. Third party indies sure but not from their first party studios

  20. Damn, Sony falling behind. Xbox got OG Battlefront 1 and 2 you can buy and download. Don't even have to stream it.

  21. Doesn’t care about old games but also ordered a complete rework of an offering that was already doing well but also include not only more modern games but also classic games which we have gotten. I’d say that isn’t “doesn’t give a shit”

  22. How can you ripoff stereotypical/generic Viking look? Why is this still a talking point? Why do they care? Go be mad at every Viking depiction in every form of media then

  23. I mean it made sense for Eivor. She isn’t really a hidden one and doesn’t need to have the hood on all the time

  24. Just reminiscing, nothing wrong with more options. Just in the old AC days people were asking for a way to take the hood off and it took a long time to get that. Now we're asking for the hood to stay on.

  25. I want to say that may not be true. When AC3 originally released and after you finished the game Connor would permanently take his hood off. The backlash for that was so large that they changed it if I’m remembering correctly. I feel like there was people complaining with Syndicate of how the twins wouldn’t always have their hoods up too but those never got changed

  26. You're beefing with invisible people or something.

  27. I disagree about Lenon being more famous than Paul. Elvis is probably equal to MJ. The bottom list really doesn’t have anyone on the level as Eminem when you see his accolades and sales

  28. I mean I kinda figured because that’s just Japanese culture. It’s just sad that I havnt seen outrage for how when Jason Schreier reported on Naughty Dog and Rockstar having crunch. It probably wouldn’t change because Japanese culture but man it’s kinda sad how their people are fine with that and how nobody is mad because From Software can’t do no wrong in the eyes of people

  29. I think TC is the best looking LiS they’ve released so I don’t understand that opinion.

  30. Ah yes the classic 4chan leak that for whatever reason people believe

  31. Weird meme when PSN and Live have had a big online issue in a long time

  32. I stopped at like episode 90 something or some shit and I’ve never looked back

  33. im surprised you made it to 90. did you pick up the manga?

  34. Yeah. I don’t keep up with it monthly but buy the new one whenever it’s released here in the US

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