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  1. I have a Microsoft account which I used to be able to play with, but for some reason the launcher doesn't give me the option to use a Microsoft account.

  2. if you test the microphone on your computer does it work? You can also download a free app from the Windows Store like voice recorder to test.

  3. Just troubleshooted again and it seems there is an issue with my AMD Audio Device.

  4. Hate to ask the basic question but are you sure that it shipped with a microphone and you're not just assuming it has one inbuilt?

  5. Just tried to check whether there is an inbuilt microphone. On the order details it doesn't specify either way. Is there something I can do on the laptop itself to check?

  6. I actually bought a pair of these to surprise my gf we laughed our head off! Extremely uncomfortable the only use I could actually see is to make it look bigger?

  7. Which cooling pad is that? Do they really help? I've just ordered a Dell G5 15 SE, which people have been saying gets pretty hot, so I wanna know if it's worth ordering a cooling pad

  8. I have not but it will probably run those games without any problems. The only thing I'll be worried about is the thermals. I have disabled cpu boost and since then my thermals have been good

  9. Awesome, thanks for replying. What's the build quality feel like?

  10. Certainly doesn't feel premium. But I don't mind it tbh. Love the keyboard

  11. Yeah, tbh as long as it performs well, I couldn't care what it looks/feels like. I didn't realise the keyboard lit up, it's a nice touch

  12. Biggest problem I have with this is the screen I can forgive a lot but on a gaming rig screen is to important

  13. That's settled it then, Dell G5 it is. Thanks for your help and advice, I wouldn't have had a clue!

  14. Thanks for the award! Hope everything turns out well!!

  15. You're welcome, thanks for the help. I'll let you know how I get on

  16. Did you see how fast he was moving between 0:48 to 1:09? Got to be a hacker!

  17. I REALLY hope you're joking šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  18. Oh yeah, so it is. They were still out of stock when I looked yesterday. Cheers man

  19. I would get the melee weapons done first. Should be able to get them done quite quick with 24/7 Shoot the Ship

  20. What's up with the constant updates?! Game has had to restart due to an update about 6 times since last night

  21. Five years deep, and not a day goes by when i don't look at my doggo when she barks and say "Da fuk iz u tawkin bout?"

  22. Disabled bathrooms are bigger, more room for you to arch your back unnaturally to pretend you have an ass

  23. I'm curious. What made you choose a hand-poked tattoo rather than one done by a machine?

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