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  1. you'd think it'd cause any kind of critical thought, like, "oh jeez, maybe i'm a massive fucking asshole for treating other human beings like shit."

  2. Would have been better, what we got in wakanda forever was not up to mcu standards. The face especially.

  3. hey, at least now there's no where else to go but up.

  4. The thing that makes me think it's fake is the right rail's lighting seems off and moves with the train in the begining of the video.

  5. could just be an issue with the camera or with youtube. I know that youtube fucks with the video when you upload stuff, compression and stuff.

  6. it seems to be listeriosis in a few animals, which gets the other animals to join in, as they are all herd animals, they copy each other. as to why its happening right now? no clue, but its not unprecedented.

  7. wow so funny people were shot in a club hee hee ha ha.

  8. it looked a lot better in the theatre, idk if its jpeg compression or what but it does look weird here

  9. i'd say Tennant's Cybermen would be the most CONCEPTUALLY gruesome thing in Who.

  10. You joke, but the bar scene at the beginning of the movie was filmed across the street the night of the Rodney King beating, and they even managed to capture it on film.

  11. he has broken many, many laws and instigated a lazy coup on the US capitol.

  12. im sorry, but once again, where is Captain Disillusion?

  13. Actually the Netherlands and lots of their neighboring countries practice mental health treatment that’s kind of like not arguing with people who have delusions. Unless it’s harmful to themselves or others, it is practiced to let them live as calmly and uninterrupted as possible.

  14. i was making a joke about how some schizophrenic people think everyone is watching them.

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