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  1. Even if you get lucky friends, unless you are 100m from them, you can't trade.

  2. do you know the numbers for the 3 on the right in the front? i had the same ones as a kid and would love to find them again

  3. Purified looks prettier imo. I purified mine for a hundo because I have better pokemon to use for pvp/raids anyways.

  4. Funny enough, the card on the left isn't an Alt art, but a Vmax. Had it also been another alt art, it would have have silver borders, being impossible to distinguish. Judging by the set and color, I would say it is one of the Ursifu Vmaxs.

  5. You’re correct it’s not a V, but it could be alt Single Strike Urhifu Vmax. I would put my bet on it.

  6. Def not the alt art of urshifu, the art doesnt match the pattern on the side of the card. The card has that usual wispy swirl pattern you see on the normal vmaxs. Judging by the coloration and pattern on the side, it is definitely regular single strike urshifu vmax.

  7. this is 10x rarer. Kirlia was released last year with the hat, + the normal form of it is very common. Furfrou was just released today.

  8. Unfortunately, these cards wont be worth close to this. Most modern cards, unless very short printed or exclusive to Japan, don't reach high levels we see with vintage.

  9. I dont really get what you mean but sorry, if you know anything about modern, they at most reach 500 raw if you're looking at a charizard. grading prices shouldnt come into play unless the card is actually graded, btw.

  10. and zacian, mega lopunny, mega abomasnow, furfrou, mega lati(os)&(as), flabebe/floette/florges.

  11. It is 100% real OP, texture confirms that. The shine effect was likely double printed, giving it a much shinier foil then usual.

  12. Better photos OP definitely not fakes lol lotta people owe you an apology.

  13. No charizard though, claimed that one was real too. The charizard from another post he made in another subreddit was removed, it looked like a photocopy card. He didnt show all of the cards from the original post, the break cards, charizard and steelix. The charizard is 100% fake unless proven otherwise.

  14. You had a previous post removed asking about your charizard, it, along with the others are 100% fake. stop claiming them as real, when everyone is trying to tell you. Not to mention, it doesnt matter if you asked for the value and not if they are real, them being fake makes them worthless.

  15. I will always love my random graveler i got in X. I found one a year prior to this one, it blew up, but by some miracle I found another, same rock, same gender. She came back. Love her dearly.

  16. Id suggest not evolving mime jr. baby Pokémon exclusive to Europe.

  17. I’m never calling alpha’s « alpha ». I call them « totem » Just because I’ve been used to the term...

  18. They legit are not the same thing. They are called alphas in the game therefore they are alphas.

  19. You could have at least made the effort to hide the spoofer 💀

  20. I am not ashamed of spoofing. It's the free version of it so shinies are still not easy to find for me.

  21. Doesnt matter. Like yeah it’s whatever nothing anyone can do but you still have it easier than anyone who doesn’t. It still gives you an advantage.

  22. Not a misprint and barely miscut. Doesn’t really count when no alignment dot is visable. Plus the card doesnt quite look right, a bit fake to me but I’ll wait for more opinions on that last statement.

  23. The attack does no damage which is a misprint as the normal card does 30 or 40 and it's not a miscut that's just the casing I have it in.

  24. I know what a sleeve is, and im sorry but that’s not a legitimate card. It’s a fake copy.

  25. Butterfree was in the wild last time around.

  26. Never said it wasn’t, just confirming where i got the shinys from.

  27. My thought was that it hadn’t been announced in the wild but that was wrong. It’s in the wild, the only ones not in the wild are Shinx and Smoochum(egg)

  28. Hey this isnt a misprint, so something like asking for prices doesnt belong here.

  29. its fake. font is wrong, that holo pattern doesnt exist officially, and theres only one real metal charizard and it doesnt look like this

  30. Well technically the holo pattern would look like that, but it looks like a photocopy of the real one

  31. I would love to win it for my bf whos new to collecting, would be an awesome piece

  32. I guess you could argue, that they are minior miscuts (if CGC grades similair cards as OC - TIL, thanks!), but normally they don‘t fetch a premium like some extreme miscuts

  33. I dont think you understand what miscuts are if you think this isnt it.

  34. From what I’ve seen the Celebi can run around 4 dollars, otherwise I’m looking at 10-30 cents each

  35. If there was supposed to be any kind of joke it was poorly executed.

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