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  1. I feel like there’s something up with the shiny odds in that part I’ve seen this same exact thing happen to so many people even happened to me with iron bundle

  2. It boosts the odds to 683.08 with charm. Only seems like more because youre only seeing that one pokemon, in a very increased manner.

  3. That’s weird because mine always specified if it was caught or hatched. May have to do something with the new update or something I’m guessing

  4. Nope always been like that, dont know what kind of version you’re playing on

  5. I thought so too! If only it was Authentic, cause then it would be using the Chipped pot to evolve.

  6. I can't stand salamance it's over played and ugly. Wish they would stop making ripoffs of it

  7. So they already had a shiny zekrom? If so why would they be that excited? Idk whatever lol

  8. When Zoura was first released all you would see are posts like this.

  9. Makes no sense still this post should be titled as a meme. To be honest

  10. How is it a meme when it happened by accident. Like you’re taking this post WAY too seriously.

  11. Hopefully it doesn’t despawn mid battle, had that happen once

  12. I caught both :) But since I'm going for a rarer outcome, I've reset over the ones found in this sandwich.

  13. I should inform you that 3 segment dudunsparce doesn’t spawn in the wild. You need to evolve 3 segment.

  14. Yes I'm aware. I find as many dunsparce in my 30 minute sandwich then evolve. I actually already found one!

  15. Only 4mil if full odds. They were using a sandwich if i read another comment correctly.

  16. I am currently hunting triple segment dudunsparce as well! Congrats to you :)

  17. Ty!! I wish you luck on your hunt! I think my next hunt will be Shiny 3-mice Maushold with a mark!

  18. That’s only 1 in 409600 if it doesn’t have a mark

  19. I found someone on reddit who found a shiny marked authentic, but they used the method that made it a 1/20 odd of Authentic. 1.356m odds.

  20. Wait for real? Why would they just make it free this year if people were willing to pay before?

  21. We dont get the boosted shiny odds, people who go to las vegas for the other one do

  22. Yeah... I just stated collecting and even I can tell this isn't possible. They fill ETBs with booster stock with the same rates as a booster box, so you can only ever have at maximum 1 secret rare between 4 or 5 ETBs. That can be skewed to be more if you buy ETBs that were stocked at different times or different batches but its extremely unlikely you ever get 1 secret rare, its impossible to get 2, and so one. Good try though.

  23. I pulled a Rainbow rare and a gold stadium from my silver tempest etb. Its completely random, you either get lucky or you dont.

  24. Common error? I’ve never seen this error…a Inkay missing Inkay…plus it’s possible that Pokémon go could be inspired to make this an Alt Shiny. I’m sure you’ve her the story of the bee and the Fly…I don’t have the energy to try an convince you of anything. I’ll create new video of this same card

  25. Fr though, one post is enough, keep posting and theyll likely start removing them.

  26. Believe it or not, I love that he barely changed. Regular Dunsparce is absolutely perfect, adorable and somewhat strong. But now he is stronger AND more Dunsparcey. I understand why people would be upset and it’s very understandable. Maybe one day we could get that quetzalcoatl.

  27. Not an error, its a vending machine sticker, technically not an official playing card.

  28. I love how EVERYONE censors blanche but nobody is mentioning candela

  29. Lol wats your point people buy fake stuff everyday

  30. Idk if you know the size of batteries but that is 100% the jumbo. A reg card is alot smaller than that.

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