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  1. the bends and hail to the thief, then moon shaped pool and after that the 3 weirdos, kid a, manesiac, king of the limbs

  2. When he dances to his shitty taste music say : Dance you fucker, dance you fucker

  3. What an adorable cartoon! I love that Fall Out Boy will lean on any form of media for their art. Was this a children’s show that they made a music video with?

  4. depends, if u like any band formed after 2005 or Mcr then you will suffer to get it, try liking coldplay, it attracts bitches

  5. he is ok, i preffer rh a lot more tho, never heard spectre tillt his day tho ngl, i think they just looked at what would give more visibility, Sam was rising around that time

  6. my fav from httt, but rn im listening more to i will, im trying to get into httt very hard

  7. Creep, Fake plastic trees, No Surprises, Idioteque, Knives out, There there, Jigsaw falling into place, Codex, Burn the witch

  8. You have Bastille at #5... I'm sorry brother. I care about you and I think you can do better.

  9. Bastille has never made a bad album, c'mon even opha 2 which is their worst is just mediocre

  10. Yuri acordou, jogou como nunca, e nem conseguiu o golzin coitado kkkkk

  11. i watched basement twice, i NEVER got it, and more, no jigsaw falling into place? cmon

  12. Codex is fuckng fantastic. TKOL is a masterpiece

  13. i wouldnt say masterpiece cuz its a strong word but its very good indeed

  14. Boy with uke is ok, tøp is good, not S or A tho

  15. "Slide your hand, ride till you end, the cum is clear and innocent"

  16. Lmao can you imagine that he gave albums the jack harlows new album a higher rating than it

  17. thats cool, never noticed it. boy with uke is pretty fine, he does his thing, i would like to see him change his style or try new things tho

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