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  1. Do .activate exp share and that will turn it on, its not a holdable item, although it should have automatically turned on when bought

  2. it just asks for a ticket when i do the command .active exp share all and exp share and it doesnt show my other pokemon getting any levels whenever I do a route

  3. Sometimes when I try to save a file and the file explorer tab opens the cursor isnt visible why is that? and is there a way to fix it?

  4. So long ago I had accidently deleted a shortcut for powerpoint and now I dont have it at call

  5. If it sends a message like "Player's pet was killed" its probably gonna show up in the console or logs

  6. Dude just used a meme to make us listen to a good song

  7. Did they warn you beforehand what the punishment would be if you didn't do well?

  8. Have you tried or investigated different ways to learn? If it doesn't stick when you do X, what about when it is Y? Learn how to learn on Coursera. Go to the library, do homework there and show your parents you got ABC finished. Set goals, clear goals.

  9. Thanks a lot that does sound like a good idea tbh il ask them abt it and see if they feel the same.

  10. Their is a upgade scroll that let you put more that 6 spells i think the limit is 8 or 10, you applied in the upgrade part of the arcane table you can find it in the ruins that had bookshelf of spell books and in the battle chest thingys (there are very rare according to my experiences), sorry for my bad English.

  11. Thanks but I dont think you understood my question the thing is I know how to use the scroll and have used it but it doesnt show a 7th slot in the arcane table to add a spell.

  12. wow who was this unlucky person to get uwu bombs

  13. Some people think opera sells your data and stuff like that so its best to not use it. In my opinion id use brave cause its the fastest although it may vary from different devices.

  14. It's supposed to be run on a virtual machine with no anti-virus so the game can work its magic. The characters are meant to corrupt and destroy all the files.

  15. You type it until you get a bad interaction that ends the adventure, or you interact enough times to successfully end it.

  16. XD it's fine don't really need it anymore but thanks for replying anyway

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