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  1. The average car weighs 1300 Kilos. The average 1k spool of filament cost 20 USD. That's $26,000 in filament to 3D print your illegally downloaded car, not including time and electricity. You may be better off just buying it from the dealer.

  2. So metal and plastic weigh the same in this calculation?

  3. What weighs more, a pound of feathers, or a pound of hammers? /s

  4. Right ....... But you're taking the weight of the car and then using that as weight to make a calculation of how much of a different material you are using.


  6. It's down to them both to provide, it's not for you to do so. Tell her the banks closed and repayments are due.

  7. Who cares. She's your ex and youve seen what tinder has to offer, wish her good luck on that journey.

  8. Can't believe you took anyone that calls themselves BIG BOSS seriously

  9. More people that don't look after things.

  10. Not 100% If there is any currently to replace them with that have the click instead. Seems that deck has it all done in software for when to initiate the full press instead. But you could just add a push button or just the film in some way to the current triggers to just get the click feeling? If you're good with modding stuff.

  11. Just type it's name in to Google. It shows a GitHub page. On the page it shows a file and folder for the code. If you go into that folder GitHub displays the readme which has detailed installation instructions

  12. does it work with the deck? the immutable filesystem and all

  13. I don't know, never used it. Look up how to install packages to a new root with pacman or how to use chroot. Not everything needs to be installed to the system.

  14. I'd rather a test like this on a game that's more resource intensive

  15. I challenge someone to do this with LTT stickers.

  16. Apart from the creases in the stickers making an uneven surface that I'd definitely notice. Good job

  17. You can. May require some tinkering tho. However You can install stuff in a chroot,fakeroot or install dependencies to a different root using pacman, therefore having it in /home and untouched by updates

  18. This nft belongs to the ministry of silly walks.

  19. It's just acting like its child reins. They are to stop the child just running away/doing something they shouldn't or being snatched.

  20. But they are not broken. You can see that. Schrödinger's superposition is about you can't see what happens inside the exploding box, so we don't know. The cat has a 50% chance to survive the explosion and a 50% to not survive. And until we look, we don't know. So it's both alive and not. Seeing plates relates nothing with Schrödinger's paradox of quantum superposition. 

  21. Correct, They are just broken and not broken at the same time ? because they will fall as soon as you open the door. It's not the same thing but op used something that sounded smart.

  22. Or 3d print yourself a ring with notches .

  23. Not sure but anyone that feels like they should give more awards can use this comment as the award dump.

  24. I'm so used to seeing dubs that the lips looking out of sync in parts doesn't matter.

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