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  1. My wife will be playing with me. Our bodies are ready. I get off at 5, we have a light dinner planned, a quick shower, then it's off to the queue til bedtime for work 🥹

  2. Last shower for the next week :D

  3. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. What I did was focus on solo games and play real early or real late. I usually play from 5-6:30 am. Then my 5 year old wakes up. Also I setup a small card table in my office so I can leave games out. I used to setup, try to play real fast, then pack up when I was expecting the kids to wake up. Now I can leave everything out. I’m currently learning Weather Machine and I couldn’t imagine having to pack it up every day like I did with Wingspan and Obsession. Also my wife has limited me to three cubes in the kalax bookcase, so I usually focus on ButtonShy and other small format games, saving space for select big box games.

  4. I think this is the way to go for me right now, i can see myself in that :-) I will also keep my collection and just stop growing it until my daughter shows some interest in games :-)

  5. I can recommend buying tickets for example for RegioJet trains about a month in advance - that way, I got a ticket from Olomouc to Prague (and back on another day) for about 1/5 of the price (I checked the same train in the week of the trip, and the prices went up about the triple what I paid.

  6. I am sorry but what's the value of a first impression VS a more complete review?

  7. I like first impressions, and maybe if he adds another post later with like 5 or so games played.. Personally I love or hate many games on first play, but my opinion can change after having played them for few more times..

  8. I would rather have info about new switch, as those more demanding games are not looking well and load times are terrible usually.

  9. Hi, I would recommend getting Core + class expansion boxes first, as these affect every player the most (as each class plays in a unique way).

  10. I can already smell the stench of Battle Royale pvp fuckery.

  11. Ah.. BR map with mobs and chests.. they drop gear, you earn one level per kill of mob, 2 per player kill :D gogogo

  12. "We are making a mobile version too!"

  13. This planner is easily the best currently on the market. Great work!

  14. I will add, that more points in Poison creeper do not affect skill values

  15. OP is one of those "If I don't like something then you shouldn't also"

  16. You are not right, everyone has their opinions and tastes.. I just expressed mine - and was asking for other opinions on this. I am also for a solution that would cater to the people with different tastes, see my comment here:

  17. I was thinking about a possible solution, as there are people who might be serious about wearing plushy costumes and rainbow stuff / or laser effects to their characters.

  18. Scarabs in D2 maggot lair, when playing HC sorc or Necro and you get body blocked next to pack of those by you teammates..

  19. The sorc is a master of elements so they will have varied element choices from the start, the necro is a summoner and can summon from the start, the Barb is a weapon master and gets to start with all the weapons, rog is a master of ranged and melee combat so they start with abilities for both, and Druid is master of shape shifting. You could shape shift from the start.

  20. What about friend/in harmony with nature and elements? That's more druidic along with shape shifting abilities, not only those

  21. There's cheaper ones on etsy that I like more myself. I like the art more the bland official ones. (It also comes with a bag to carry it in.)

  22. What the material feels like? I think it was not neoprene on Etsy

  23. I think it was called paid bone from speed paints

  24. Well I am glad, most of the issues are not some game-breaking things and are just quality of life or nice to have things.. Game is very playable and fun at its current state - still there are things that bother me and ruin immersion (like glowing skeletons from mobile game for necro, or no overlay map, skill balance - many underpowered abilities, some OP.. at least up to lvl 25 without endgame gear)

  25. I agree with you a lot, I like the game very much and I cant wait for release, gameplay feels right, atmosphere too.

  26. Yes similar but as Archer we don't have range anymore in the game, rogue is splitted between melee and range and for people who hate melee rogue lose the interest. There's only one true range class in the game, everything else as been designed to accommodate console with their controller which is harder to play with range skill Compare to melee.

  27. I played full ranged rogue in last weekend beta and it was much easier and powerfully than melee specs I tried to respec to (although, some range skills were not that good and I ended up using again the ones I liked most, because the others need some balancing)

  28. I like the game very much, leveled only rogue to 25 and then tried few levels with barb with bleeding, which was also fun for me.

  29. Blizz does not understand itemization at all, apparently.

  30. You only saw items from A1 of two easiest difficulties - there are other more rare type of items, which were not available to drop in those diffs and also how many items you got in D2 until lvl 25, that was worth using more than until lvl 40?

  31. Bro, 3 spawns in one day. You know back when I was really into Lost Ark I thought it was pretty neat how D4 was clearly drawing heavily from Lost Ark, but now that I've since soured on the game and it's heavy chore/homework like nature, and seeing as how this is basically the exact same way world bosses worked (originally there were only a couple spawns per day as well), I'm pretty confident this will not go over well, people will resent this addition to the game.

  32. I would much more like some kind of event system like GW2, where the area has some kind of chain quest involved -

  33. After about 10 games (with 8+ hours per game) of Twilight Imperium 4th edition we found out, that we can ready our planets after voting on agenda..

  34. Yeah because devs stopped making actual good content and started relying on that bullcrap. Nothing to balance, no need to make things interesting or think at some clever mechanic. Let's chuck in some dailies, people love em shiny lootboxes

  35. I loved our custom UO shard back then.. It was kind of work too to accomplish something, but at least you decided what you want to do and how you will progress.. No handholding aka do this or that to get guaranted chest or gold..

  36. Twilight Imperium - no need to explain, it just is that space opera everyone expects it to be (sometimes its hard and less fun, depending on your position in game.. but then, everyone wants to play next time again..)

  37. I used X-men KS extras box to store base game, KS extras, Fantastic four, Horsemen of Apocalypse and Sentinels(these are only ones without magnets, i used bubble foil to wrap them and store on top layer not on screens) What I did is to purchase small 5mm/1mm neodym magnets which I glued to bases and self-adhesing metallic tape into the box and layers above.. I can tilt the box and minis stay in place, so far this works for me :-)

  38. Do any figures wobble on a flat surface? I really like the idea of magnet storage but I know there's not a lot of space under some of the bases.

  39. Some figures where there is carved-in area without any flat space for gluing magnet were most problematic, other figures were fine, if the figure was bigger/heavier I just used two magnets either glued together if the flat surface was deeper, so magnet won't make figure stand crooked, or i put them to two different spots under figure (or just buy some larger ones), fort he carved minis, i put also more magnets on opposing sides of it's base inside edges for example and it works as intended. I can only speak for Xmen portfolio, I do not know how it looks in others. I can make more photos later and add them with examples of magnets etc

  40. Sleeved cards are great, especially for games with a lot of shuffling or ones you might bring to a pub / environment with risk of liquids being spilled.

  41. I would also do some research on various sleeve brands, some are better for shuffling and less "sticky" (some cheap thin sleeves tends to merge cards together, not recognizable on first sight when shuffling.. then you accidentaly pick two cards at once etc..

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