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  1. Can't determine if Belgium is moving to USA or Russia

  2. A dog with human teeth in a tuxedo with a bowtie

  3. Truffle Mayonnaise or Andalouse. Best sauces in the world nobody can change my mind

  4. You got it mixed up, you mean andalouse and stoofvleessaus.

  5. haven't had stoofvlees for so long i can't even remember what it tastes like

  6. I don't think lions have fists anyway

  7. Nobody's talking about that cub going 7mph. That's fast af boi.

  8. I collect millitaria esspically ww2 german and nazi stuff I have a bunch of uniforms, flags medals etc made during nazi germany they all have swastikas.


  10. Les ricains diront que c'est fake pcq la carte est pas en anglais. GG pour ton pull gros !

  11. Normally I would tell suggest you to sell it but considering the current market situation with swsh alt arts I think the only realistic answer for now is to eat jt

  12. We like it, but she's more of a player and she's aware playing an Alt is a shame so we gonna sell

  13. Charizard V (BRS 154) I love it so much

  14. Wait! Switch game titles are written all caps to you guys?

  15. Why are Americans so afraid of geese?

  16. Les francophones qui ont eu un flash de WTC vous êtes où ?

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