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  1. As a teacher, I think this is great. It’s causing so much problems in elementary. Porn, sexting, bullying, etc

  2. Louisiana is one of the only parts of the US with a culture and its loosely french inspired

  3. i always find it funny when scott wears the grey longsleeve because i know he bought it at target because i have that shirt and thats where i bought mine

  4. renting is expensive and jobs requirements in my area are fucking delusional

  5. this is one of the tweets that stayed in the drafts for a long time

  6. im once again being downvoted for bringing up the case that the NFL would be massively improved if we just gave the punters a gun!!

  7. curious to get some responses on this, trigger warning for animal deaths as a heads up, i dont know how to spoiler tag on mobile:

  8. i dont think he fits the model of “speed over everything” they seem to value

  9. Can we use it to give Wilkins his money……please

  10. Signing Wilkins to an extension probably wouldnt affect your 2023 cap space all that much.

  11. i mean, everyone writing on the Steelers knew it was gonna happen. EJ Snyder and Brett Kollmann knew.

  12. Was Bell on the team when Ryan Clark went on ESPN and told the whole world his teammates smoke weed?

  13. just before Clark left for WAS in 2014, bell was drafted in 2013 so yeah

  14. Yugoslavia viewed both countries as enemies, I thought? Thats why it had a disastrously high military budget

  15. Just thinking of all the return guys over the years who tried to field punts within the 5, or didn't call fair catch and got creamed/fumbled, and how quickly they vanished from the league...

  16. Breath of the Wild was an amazing game that felt quintessentially what a video game should be. The sound design, the gameplay, the attention to detail. All of it wonderful.

  17. You’re telling me these large hunks of breaded meat are actually a chickens fingers?

  18. Fun fact: they taste the exact same as chicken breast. Its a different muscle but they are pretty much the same composition wise. They arent actually more tender

  19. The fact that there is no other white corners in the NFL other than this guy is really strange. You’d think there’d be at least a handful.

  20. schedule leak posting is the most contrived part of the NFL media cycle. so you get the news 2 hours early, 50% chance its wrong, cool. What do you do with that information? Just wait until it is confirmed at the normal time

  21. There's an article about Moscow creating a retirement village for conservative americans apparently? I'm 28, but what happened to Russia being like, the enemy of American values? 'member the cold war and communism and all that shit. I would've thought conservative america should despise russia more than liberals. Times are strange.

  22. You know North Korea, right? They have YouTube channels, fake businesses in surrounding countries, and tourists schemes centered around bringing Americans into the country.

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