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  1. the method of thinking and feeling

  2. hell and you're dead in a lifetime

  3. it's too sad you can not accept easily

  4. You have to understand what other people like

  5. Someone I used to work with a few years back, we all knew something wasn't right, but this particular night took the cake, it was a retail set up and we had 4 main computers in the store. There was one right in front of the store, anyone could see what was on it. He decided to use a thumb drive that had one file and one file only on it. A word document with literally every password to every website listed with bank account information/SSN ANYTHING that could/would get his identity stolen. I walked up to the computer, saw the document open, printed it 15 times and then closed it out and removed the thumb drive. Handed the copies to him along with the thumb drive. He looked at me like it wasn't a big deal...

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