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  1. I'm very new to breeding, trading and shiny hunting. First Pokémon game where I'm keen to get more into these aspects of the game.

  2. What language do you play in? I may have something that can help you breed, and may be able to allow you breed with the Masuda Method, which is breeding two Pokémon that are different languages to increase your shiny odds.

  3. So raidcrawling is where somebody with a cracked open switch connects it to third-party software that auto-scans raids. So it is similar to when people check all their raids then change the day/time to the next day to reset raids

  4. Thank you, this explains a lot about the 6iv shiny sylveon I got from a raid. I’ve been wondering about it’s legitimacy and if I’m gonna get punished for having it.

  5. It’s legit. You won’t get punished.

  6. Check for new postings taking longer than 90 seconds for anyone else? I just timed mine and it took 132 seconds, 90 is bad enough…

  7. Congrats! Hope it gave you that itch to start a collection. If you want a couple rolls of them to get it going feel free to DM me, but don’t expect them to be anything rare.

  8. It was over 250 trades, a middle man would have made it take over 10 hours, what middle man is gonna do that?

  9. I assumed the trade was his 3 shinies vs your 250 mons for dex entries. You could just let the middleman hold the 3 shinies. When you finish trading the 250 dex entries, give confirmation to middleman and get your shinies.

  10. True, I had already got the other shinys so I figured they could be trusted, lesson learned.

  11. why do you gain the same XP (per pokemon) having 1 pokemon in your party versus having 6 pokemon in your party?

  12. Yes it’s always better to train with a full party. In fact, if you switch Pokémon during the fight and they don’t die, each one that’s sent out would get the 4K instead of 2k.

  13. interesting. i wonder if its worth switching time-wise.

  14. For the most part, no, I only did it with gholdengo farming chanseys because it didn’t have a move to 1 shot them. I had gholdengo in my 1st slot and just swapped Pokémon first move. If you’re trying to lvl up multiple Pokémon and not hyper focused on one, it’s not worth it.

  15. All I know is Patches is a little bitch

  16. 15% concentrated power of will.

  17. Came here for this, how good are you against Grafted Scion?

  18. Whats an overkill bonus and why was i not made aware of this before

  19. +20% runes if you kill them with 1.5x their HP in damage on the first shot.

  20. Are you sure you killed him or did vanish mid fight?

  21. I don’t remember it was a while ago

  22. Have you accidentally changed the default view? You can choose your default on the menu (map/inventory) screen.

  23. I assumed that’s what I’d done, but I can’t figure out how to change the default back.

  24. You can DEFINITELY change it back. I had to change it back myself. I don't get why they did it that way either

  25. I did not know that. However, I've only unlocked the first area. The little lyre I found is in the first area, same as the big lyre

  26. If you don’t care about spoilers here is the solution to all the lyre challenges:

  27. It was a perfect run… on try like 200

  28. I just farmed the last batch of Amber I needed to max out all my potion things.

  29. Now you can focus on mastery, you can add a minute to potions duration!

  30. You have to hover over one the the three slots and press and hold A (I think it’s A).

  31. That’s how you assign it, but then once I have my loadouts assigned how do I switch between them?

  32. That is how you switch to them. You hover the cursor over 1, 2, or 3 and then press and hold A until it switches.

  33. Oh that sucks, I thought it was like a hot key to switch gear…

  34. Congrats! Mod are an option however I also might recommend putting it down for a bit so you don’t install a few mods and then the burnout sets it.

  35. Omni geodes are best farmed in the hard version of the caves on levels 31-39 from the upgraded ghosts (carbon ghosts, same monster as caverns). You can level skip the same way you do when farming ores, so can see them more frequently than in the cavern. Bring monster musk on a bad luck day for even more enemies.

  36. Ah yeah that makes sense, didn’t think about those ghosts.

  37. Wrong ghosts. You want the exact same enemy as in the caverns. Ezlilly made a few vids on omni geode farming referencing them

  38. Ohhhh yeah, totally forgot about those.

  39. I already completed it and switched the mine to hard mode or whatever it’s called.

  40. It is affected by daily luck. Even then it’s not overly common. But, I will say if I have lucky iridium band w lucky lunch and best luck day I get a fair amount.

  41. I didn’t think ore nodes were impacted by daily luck, but I have a lucky iridium band on and I’ll try eating spicy eel.

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