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  1. Can you list all past and present wars? I'd like to be able to compare the longest running wars of the whole history of the world

  2. I think the only cure for Zombies is...Death.

  3. Psych major here! Please anything to do statistical analysis for me!

  4. I'd love to! As a dm I enjoy encouraging my players to explore and do random bullshit. In the last session they found a sus tooth dagger and cause im a lore goblin i was hinting at the part of the book where they plant teeth to get a skeleton army so my idiot players just kinda threw the dagger as a throwing dagger at the enemy of the session (missed) and then summoned 3 skeleton knights that just started randomly attacking everyone cause they weren't under anyones control. I'm also making the riordanverse darker cause my players all are uni kids so theres lots of guns and sacrifice which makes a whole dynamic of civilian casualties which is really fun cause the BEG is the ADL or Anti Demigod League composed of all the people who have been screwed over by the gods (think parents of demigods, or siblings and that kinda thing) and hope by killing the demigods will prevent the gods from being worshipped taking away their power

  5. I suppose but these guys wouldn't be a colony they would just straight up invade then leave

  6. King, A query for you. Is there a fencing club at Carleton?

  7. It requires far more running that I imagined. That said I was lazy and liked swords. So I probably wasn’t a good fit for a sport.

  8. Swords and running! Muhahaha now my mother will regret telling me not to run with sharp objects!

  9. Going to the library for all your textbook needs. Don't buy them.

  10. Did not know about the grocery store thing thanks so much!

  11. didn't work said i did have permissions even though I'm the server owner

  12. For residence, you will apply for residence online and you input your room preferences (there is double and single traditional or double and single suite, suite styles have a kitchenette). You can rank the 4 preferences but there is no guarantee that you will get a single room. For roomates, if you know someone going you can request to have them as a roomate but otherwise it will be determined by housing. In residence you are required to pay for a meal plan unless you are in a suite style then I think you can get a reduced meal plan. Meal plans residence students typically have include unlimited caf access.

  13. Thank you so much I appreciate it! I've heard stories of the tunnels being rather... sketchy does this have any shred of truth? Also whats the price variation on res?

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