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  1. Right dude is right wing Trump loving inbreed piece of shit

  2. I mean to be fair LeBron is a China loving piece of shit too but this dude is dogshit

  3. How does anyone willingly play this in third person I don’t know.

  4. Love how you get down voted for telling them their movement is shit it's just a fact from the video we got yall too fragile.

  5. Yeah he legit loves fighting games, and is a non toxic nostalgia bro to boot. Hes good people.

  6. Got me into so many old janky fighting games and some amazing games as well

  7. The theory that non white people weren’t advanced enough to build megalithic structures I’d where that theory stems from. Look at the history of Indigenous archaeology in the US. They were claiming that literal giants built the Snake Mound because they didn’t believe the Indigenous population could build something that complex.

  8. I mean. No. The theory has nothing to do with races of indigenous people. The ancient astronaut theories literally point to the fact that those civilizations had tech, architecture, etc. that HUMANS (no race spoken about) weren't capable of producing or using without outside help hence aliens.. Stop making literally everything about race.

  9. I just recently started listening to his music and I already feel like I should stop listening to it

  10. Why? Ye when he made those albums and Ye now are not the same

  11. Nah he the same forsure but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to his music. I think he’s said the most controversial shit you can say *Knocks on wood. The album’s that he’s put out are and always will be classics regardless of what he says.

  12. Down voted cause people can't seperate the artist from the art damn

  13. no I want to talk about a video game series I like not pictures of a lamp in the night with a title pretending it's related to the game

  14. You're just a super fun guy huh? Jesus

  15. No. People didn't say it about Ellie's girlfriend and they wouldn't complain. Race swapping is why people complain.

  16. That's my issue with it and it's less of an issue and more of an annoyance that we change established characters too often. I don't care about any of this nonsense people keep saying in this thread. If a character is a certain race get someone of that race to play the character I have no issues with people of color in any capacity being in these shows and games just write more roles for characters that are those races instead of swapping races of established characters it's really not that difficult. I loved TLOU2 before yall jump down my throat for that too.

  17. They'd rather prefer casting actors of ability than focusing on race.

  18. There's plenty of both if you think noone else could play that role that's fucking ridiculous

  19. Not enough insight for Bloodborne 2 announcement

  20. You’ve been sent to jail for talking badly about American politicians or protesting the war on terror or for telling children that gay people exist or did you just try to make some shitty hot take without thinking at all. Don’t get me wrong the us is not perfect at all but it’s not even close to Russian levels of fucked up

  21. That's a typical young mindset in America today its crazy though they talk like it's the worst place in the world when you can literally stand in front of the white house with a sign that says Fuck the president or really whatever you like as long as it's reasonable (not a call to violence, etc.) regardless of who's in office and go home the same night. It's nowhere near how bad some other countries are but America bad is trendy and popular amongst that age group. We're not perfect but that mindset is just silly.

  22. plus there's been images (a vid in this sub) of actual Ukrainian soldiers wearing freedom patches.

  23. I've seen freedom and merc patches on soldiers fighting from news clips

  24. Someone here might have a more accurate answer on top of their head, but I think Nikita said it’ll drop next patch/update?

  25. December 15th is the date floating around for the update/wipe

  26. They teased lightkeeper, and we know we're getting a portion of streets. I don't think it's too farfetched, there hasn't been content update for 8 months.

  27. He said they were still working on lightkeeper it's not coming with the patch streets part 1 is and a few surprises

  28. So we just can't play for a bit or is it fixable?

  29. I hopped off after trying to reconnect like 20 times. I'm seeing streamers play though, so I'm gonna try again.

  30. EFT is truly one of one(imo). There's nothing else that quite gives the same level of anxiety and thrill. I too adore the game. But the flaws have become too much for me and I'd rather just play something else.

  31. Play stalker anomaly mod escape from pripyat essentially single player open world tarkovesque game. When I get burnt out on tarkov every so often I play that for a while and it scratches a lot of the same itch

  32. Arena isn't coming til mid next year at the earliest

  33. Been seeing Streets of Tarkov beeing marketed for like two years now. Release already wtf

  34. don’t waste your time with these incel losers. they love the idea that he murdered someone but got away with it while “exercising his freedoms” in the grayest of areas. this is literal mental porn for these degenerates, and you will never change their opinion until the day they’re staring down the barrel from the other side. none of these neckbeard losers have ever served, and if they have, they were the weirdo burnout losers you knew in high school who couldn’t wait to go oversees and “kill some terrorists” these people are the epitome of mentally unstable, and there’s no winning. so just ignore them and let them continue living in their weird fantasy world where they’ll fuck their sisters and froth at the mouth fantasizing over killing their neighbors. funniest thing is if any of these losers were in that situation they probably would’ve done exactly as you’re saying, just ran crying and whatnot. or they would’ve gone full ISIS and probably start a mass shooting. that’s the issue with these goofy lunatic morons: there’s no middle ground. it’s piece of shit or piece of shit. nothing outside or in between.

  35. Bro you sound deranged holy shit

  36. I'm married but alright bud like I said you sound deranged

  37. Greatest fucking game ever made

  38. Agreed. This is gonna sound awful but quite frankly if your white their is a pretty good chance that they won’t bother with a dog… I can’t tell you how many times I should’ve been fucked but suffered literally zero consequences.

  39. Lol im white and they had the dog search my car a few of the times probably 5 of the 15 or so times I got pulled over in my late teens

  40. Whoa 15! I’ve had a cop stop my car while my friend was driving and I was burning a jay in the back seat. Granted I HAD just broken my leg. He literally said “yeah I’d be smoking too” and let us go lol

  41. Lmao I wasn't the smartest teen or I just really didn't care about being caught cruising around all the time you run into a few cops lol and it's a bit obvious when you're blaring lil wayne and driving around your buddy's neighborhood for the 33rd lap

  42. Playing ragnarok like I have been since release

  43. No Kings disease 3 or forever story lmao okay

  44. Ah so it will come out on December 22nd to keep playercount down for the holidays to be playable, gotcha

  45. December 15th based on the math from all the other wipe/updates

  46. Because I've played an online match before.

  47. Lmao the only right answer ken is a nightmare in 5 with shoddy connection

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