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  1. If Switch released a new F-Zero or Star Fox I'd actually play the damn thing.

  2. Same, unfortunately miyamoto is being stubborn about not wanting a new one without some new fresh idea for it.

  3. Mean while Nintendo shuts down people who mod 30 year old games. Like dude, there's a time limit to sole ownership.

  4. Maybe she should go back to work? Or if you want someone at home maybe it should be you since she made more.

  5. I mentioned to someone else... How much is it worth? 2k is child care. Should she work 40 hours per week for $100? $300? $1,200? So if she makes less than 2k per month, it's a no brainer. If she brings home $2,200 per month, is it worth going without an extra $200 per month?

  6. Dang 'ol hippies man. I hand shake and refuse to partake in hippy garbage.

  7. Everyone talks trash and looks down on plumbers, garbage men, and exterminators until they desperately need one.

  8. You should give exactly 0,00 fucks about what others think. It's your booze, drink it as you wish.

  9. Gotta add the cyan:wave1:Buying Big Bones, 250 ea

  10. For real. We don’t say ‘I’m a catholic alcoholic’ or ‘a Catholic glutton’

  11. Calm down son, it's just a drawing. Now, I'm going to show you again and you tell me if you've seen him.

  12. Been rockin' the SNES on a 10 year old 1080p LCD. Loving it. Sure, the CRT gives that cool 90s vibe with the power supply constantly buzzing, but I like the more vibrant colors and straighter lines with less blurr. That's just my opinion tho.

  13. I can make that at home for cheaper. And I run in the morning... What's the point?

  14. I find that smashing them precook is really helpful. Also, dry to plan it and leave them formed into patties uncovered in the fridge. Someone taught me that drying them out rids them of water.

  15. Me, still rocking a 1070 from 2016: Laughes nervously.

  16. Take what you know about the New Testament and keep that in mind when reading excerpts from the Quaren.

  17. Just wanted to thank OP for posting this. As someone who is eager to learn but keeps making stupid mistakes, I gotta fix my bad habits somehow.

  18. I don't get one because I don't have an accounting degree.

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