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  1. Yeah I have a hard time believing a 44 your old woman spells thought as thaught and bought as baught. Wtf

  2. Go on Facebook, look under the comments of a widely shared public post. It's the middle-aged and senior masses barely able to type their own name.

  3. But you said elsewhere that you're a first gen immigrant, so if someone wanted to know where you're from then "India" is the right answer.. respectfully you actually haven't experienced this once.

  4. If every student posted their study notes to this sub we'd be flooded.

  5. Should definitely rename Scotland a county in Northern England then, that'll sort it.

  6. It's a region of the UK. Just like the West country, the home counties, Wales, and Yorkshire all are.

  7. Unionists really think we're all very interested in the fine points of the document that aristocrats in 1707 signed when they were money stricken.

  8. Hmmm. Lose $2T from the economy and Ted Cruz?

  9. Want to say that I am not condoning that person's actions or words. But I do want to understand your reaction. Why did your friends feel the way they did? That one person doing horrible things to animals is not a one off thing. Animals are treated horrible in factory farms regardless. And when we consume these products, we are condoning these actions, paying for them actually.

  10. It's very clear from his original comment that it was the bragging and pride about it that makes it worse. Not the simple notion of being faced with the reality of slaughter, but the pride exhibited by the guy.

  11. If i remember correctly mold grows in a alkaline environment so bleach would not be a good option mold would quickly reappear use a acid like white vinegar it will kill the mold. Also you probably have a moisture issue that needs to be corrected or it will keep coming back

  12. People are allowed to vent about issues without being necessarily qualified to solve them.

  13. I see your sentiment but I think you're being a bit naive and simple about it all.

  14. Ah no the colour is actually a reflection of the brown sky!

  15. Shit load of salt, and airtight/inert-gas packaging

  16. Republic of Texas, etc etc etc, within the USA.

  17. Texas is as much of a country as Scotland.

  18. so all the europeans who do not agree with pro-lgbt policies are what? fake europeans?

  19. Well, the Europeans who do not agree with pro-LGBT policies are certainly outliers without strong European cultural values.

  20. For those that didn’t watch. That’s a really interesting judgement, very technical in the reasoning. Self determination arguments fall flat because the case law the SNP relies on applies to colonies, oppressed people, or those without any access to government.

  21. ... Exactly as would be said by someone in the mean point of the bell curve.

  22. Genuinely no meme; how did you save him?

  23. Capitalism doesn't just mean "private companies" and "trading lol".

  24. I'm irish myself and I've got to say that's the best suggestion yet. Then Wales and Scotland should leave the UK too and we can all just go full Balkan on each other

  25. NI: Wants to be part of the UK, because that's what it considers itself

  26. There are people who will give empty positivity and encouragement.

  27. This is an infamous Software Engineering smell/tech-debt issue. Unfortunately, you hitched your wagon to the wrong horse - and this is why framework choice is a hugely important matter in all Engineering teams. And doing your research before commiting to structing entire projects around a framework may seem like a waste of time but it can prevent major headaches like this.

  28. Growing up around British expats I always understood bugger to be an exceptionally foul word. I think they would have been quite a bit more upset if I’d said “I did bugger all today” than if I’d said “I did Jack shit today”. As for spazz, here in Canada you don’t call people that. I would imagine it’s the same in Britain.

  29. The UK is all asleep right now (3 am for us at your comment, 4:30 at mine), hence why there are no Brits replying to this and.. up/downvoting this. But I'm awake for some reason!

  30. Yeah no shit I didn't comment that in my sleep did I ya big dafty.

  31. I don’t think he has super clear, well thought out goals. He’s letting his emotions and ego drive his actions and hoping the success he’s had at previous companies will magically translate to Twitter.

  32. No just potato. Spam is expensive and also awful for you so if it was I would not touch it lol

  33. It's like every single one of your comments makes me even more confused.

  34. I'm English and I can't tell what any of that shit is except the chips. Please do not think this is representative of us lmao

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