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  1. how many genocides are currently being done by the USA and how many are being done by china? yea china is evil

  2. There's a difference in investment and ownership. Ineos are not some ethical billionaire saviour but the alternative is worse.

  3. No mate, you can go and buy 100 shares in Apple, do you think they're gonna do whatever you tell them to?

  4. Please share this and the previous videos to world news videos, that's insane, combat footage, etc.

  5. Palestinians were forced to give up their land, dignity and freedom for a crime they did not commit

  6. This is a medical condition know as (grade IV) Clubbing (of the fingers). It's also called "drumstick fingers".

  7. Sorry I don't quite understand your description of that finger test. Is there a link to a website with images/video about this?

  8. The Shaw tackle was very very bad. Not a scissor. Literal just slide tackled into the midshaft of the tibia with both studs while the foot was planted occurring while both were at high rates of speed. Lots of force.

  9. I can’t tell. Are you saying the KWP foul is a scissors tackle and a foul or not. Also, did the Shaw tackle result in a red, I can’t remember?

  10. Kwp foul is a scissors tackle. Got the ball and the man. Foul. This is all just my opinion.

  11. Imagine seeing a meme about talking to underage kids about sex and the first thing you think is "hmmmm, sounds likea damn Qanon person. I want my children exposed to that!!"

  12. You should consider reporting that NP pushing unnecessary medications and diagnoses not backed up by evidence.

  13. the one that fucked up my diabetes diagnosis was 20 years ago, so it's too late. and I was pretty naïve about medical stuff back then.

  14. Seriously pa are getting shafted because there are fewer of them

  15. Ehh. Not being called a title that you are not qualified for isn't really being "shafted".

  16. Probably an indifferent one. He's not liked nor hated here imo. He was a short term solution at the time, as he is with every stop he's had in his career.

  17. Um. "Closing after Moh's" isn't as cut and dry as people make it out to be (as far as I'm aware), especially if it's a complex excision. From what I know, Plastics sometimes takes care of that.

  18. I think this in reference to the fact that these measures to cut back on safety regulations began with Trump. Biden took advantage of that and made it worse.

  19. I agree, but we still need to call out the Trump administration for dismantling those safety regulations. It’s still important to put blame where blame is due.

  20. No one in Qatar with the money to buy Manchester United isn't acting on behalf of the state.

  21. Almost every single if not all Billionaires do the bidding that the Military Industrial Complex/Lobbying group/Corporations want them to do.

  22. And I will be critical of all of them. But states must not own football clubs. Whether that’s Qatar, UK or US. The consequences of that are incalculable.

  23. I think you're forgetting about the 200+ dead Palestinian civilians this year...not to mention the government who's Ministers are literally part of a terror group (not even kidding)....not to mention the settlements which are illegal under international law....not to mention the recent UN meeting where everyone agreed that we won't allow anymore settlements, followed by Netanyahu tweeting "settlements will not stop" (flagrantly just operating above international law)....not to mention settlers walking into Palestinian villages armed and escorted by the IDF, killing civilians, and not serving jailtime....not to mention the Israeli politician calling for the Palestinian villages to be genocided (in a now deleted tweet).

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