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  1. Hey, guys. Anyone remember the name of the original creator? I had this saved on my phone but I don't remember who this is by. Any help? He/She deserves all the credit he/she can get! :)

  2. The eye was this cat's eye, all along!

  3. OP asked for unpopular opinions and so far all I've read in the comments are just facts! 😂

  4. For those that can't see it, the biker hit a deer, well a female one so a doe, I guess. Unfortunately, I can't post the paused picture in the comments. The biker is fine, as shown in the video too, but I have no idea what became of the deer...

  5. What happened was really the best case scenario! Thank God.

  6. Yes. When my friend sent me this I could feel my shins hurting I thought he was about to have both his legs amputated. Especially when that other view from the second camera was shown. I though I was about to watch his legs get folded and could instantly feel my heart racing. Thank God he's alright, indeed!

  7. Lmao I thought it was him in both pictures and that this was a troll post 😂 they seriously look like the same person!

  8. Lol that’s hilarious. I would call that an adjustable footrest.

  9. Thanks for teaching me a new English word, kind redditor! Here's an award for being so helpful. Have a nice day! 😊

  10. The world needs more people like you in it, this interaction made my day. Have a great day!

  11. People just need to embrace the fact that no one knows everything. I love reading random stuff and learning new things. I think we should all try to better ourselves through learning. It helps us keep an open mind to things and understand the others around us much easier.

  12. True. But seriously what is up with "streamers" and/or "influencers" thinking they can do whatever in public and the rest of us have to put up with it?

  13. I love how the camera man just turned away like👀 "I have nothing to do with this, sir" 😂

  14. Well OK most of the time bikers think they own the road, same with cyclists. But purposefully trying to hit someone, especially when you could literally kill them because of all the oncoming traffic, is criminal and inexcusable.

  15. I guess we can all tell where this happened based on the curses used in the video... Also love how the entire highway gets in on it, like the other drivers and the other cars honking 😂

  16. This happened in Russia btw. And I know this is no laughing matter but that sound effect at end for the kick to the face had me laughing so hard 😂

  17. Wait so you are telling me he is a bland character because -checks notes- he is black? He could have been anything and still be disliked because of how bland his personality was.

  18. The quality of the video is so bad that I originally thought that that was a massive pile of Slippers doo doo 💩

  19. My friend sent it to me in our chat. So the compression didn't do it any favours either :/ sorry about that btw. I just got jumped scared from this when the chaos ensued and thought it would fit the sub.

  20. That got me... :'( glad to see I'm not the only one that gets reminded of Steve whenever I see a stingray. But I don't hate the animal, it's not what he would have wanted... :(

  21. Like the guy says this is a california round stingray. It's a pretty common stingray so no worries. He also got stung on the hand so he's going to be fine.

  22. Judging by your comments on here, you seem pretty set on the fact that you didn't do anything wrong and now you're blaming the sub of making you look bad when your own actions did that just fine. So since you're so set on not being an asshole why did you even ask us? Were you hoping for brownie points but the comment section just didn't go the way you expected or what? YTA clear as day OP.

  23. Right?! And 4 ppl totaling 100$ for food? OP was very inconsistent with their reply about exactly how many people they got food for. I bet op bought food for themselves too 😂

  24. Why do we always personify them that their “goal” is to spread? Is that incorrect then?

  25. It's not incorrect. Once in your body the virus uses your cells to replicate itself to the point where it can take over your body and continue to spread/replicate. Is a virus alive? It all depends on what you define as alive, really. Is it the ability to produce offspring? Then no they're not alive as they can't do that on their own. They need to hijack some other organism's cells and system to do so. But then mules can't reproduce either. Mules are sterile, does that mean that mules are not alive? But viruses can replicate themselves with help so are they alive? So the question is I guess neither and both? Or it depends on your definition of what constitutes as alive?

  26. do you know how long it takes for the rabies to fully get into your system? like how long do you have after getting bitten to get the shots?

  27. It's a slow spreading disease but almost guaranteed to be deadly if left to incubate. The general incubation period is 2-8 weeks. But these things always vary from person to person, medical history, where the animal bit you (i.e. How close to your brain is the bite and how deep? Did it get directly into your blood stream? etc.).

  28. Is this comparison really fair though? He became king at the age of 5 and died when he was 77.

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