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  1. If you had say a bar of 3 quarter notes of D, one Dsus4 then 4 quarter notes of E. Generally would you say the chord progression is D E or D D D Dsus4 E E E E?

  2. You are either seeing a “six in a chord symbol“ or you are seeing a six as a subscript to a Roman numeral in an analysis.

  3. Yes, well, even if it’s just the minority , I’m glad some see it that way.

  4. Well the last time actually didn’t see it but Beato was talking about emphasizing the flat 6th, over a minor chord. Which I understood. But it has come up on many occasions and just kinda bugs me , I mean mostly cause I have to pause and figure out what they’re talking about. I’ll save this post as a cheat sheet. Thanks

  5. Bass up; A E G D / A E G C / A D F C / A D E C - G# D F B/

  6. This is basically A7sus Am7 Dm7 G#°7.

  7. Thanks, and thank you for that last chord idea, I wasn’t completely sold on that either, I’ll definitely try the E7/G#.

  8. I agree that it seems both old fashioned and southern. But also,I think maybe from movies who may use it correctly or not, to portray the old south . I use a couple sometimes on purpose only because they do sound odd, “You also” instead of “you too” when someone says to have a nice day, comes to mind. But alas , I can not think of others to offer up for example. Point being; maybe the parents had a favorite show or movie where the characters used it often.

  9. Flush them now! I’m no expert, and not qualified to answer this, but…Flush em down the toilet!

  10. Octatonic. The version that starts with the whole tone, is used on diminished chords. The version that starts on the semitone is used on dominants

  11. It's known as the "half-whole diminished" in jazz, and is used on 7b9 chords. The idea is it gives you all the chord tones, plus chromatic approaches from below.

  12. Thanks for that, I did have to let it sink in a bit, but yes, that was exactly what I was looking for. I was naively using part of it (on guitar) over imaginary Eb A poly chords, which is very similar I think to 7b9. More like a scale with “slides” or approach notes built in

  13. It looks just like it, I’m not so sure it was intended to be the manifesto in rogue one. But I think someone working on the Andor series picked up on that prop and went with it…But just my best guess. There is really no other real reason the manifesto would need to be in “book form” or any physical form except to tie it to the movie.

  14. If you want it to behave like a hardtail, you’ve got to block the trem, preferably in the position it would normally be while floating. This requires some extra steps beyond just cranking down the springs.

  15. I was basically gonna say the same thing.? I got something similar, it was cheap though, a few years back, but never installed it. And also I think try a piece of foam, not styrofoam or some super soft foam. Something maybe that comes protecting audio equipment or the like. Then you can still use it a little, but might cut down your problem considerably.

  16. You couldn’t have used the air conditioner, the floor mats , or even a mirror? I’m using 5ths at all times if they’re as important as the stereo! …just kidding …

  17. Try Starting with chorus verse pre chorus, really , chorus first. (Not that you have to arrange it like that, just your start) you don’t have to stick to it but try starting there. Play 4 power chords on the guitar. Ascending, that give you the “energy “ your looking for. Repeat or you can change up the 2nd 4 chord set a little. Just use I iii IV V if nothing seems to work at first. Now for the verse and pre, just do what you normally do. Your now half way there, but think Nirvana, a lot of Zep songs, and even Linkin park. There really only “energetic” in the chorus. You’re already good with the quiet parts and you like them , so maybe this will “fit your style “ Also, …optional…an easy shortcut is keeping the verse close to the tonic and don’t use “ literal“ Major. (Literal Major is okay in the chorus) Start the prechorus with a II or IV major or minor , or a flat 6 but major. End on a V or flat 7 or minor 4 before the chorus. (I personally think the chord here is the most important.) NOT THE ONLY WAY, just a shortcut for energy, but play just the power chords first on guitar. You should be able to hear it. Also very optional…Short melodies are easiest I think in the chorus if you don’t have words first . If you do have words for the chorus first , go ahead write the melody first and put chords to it, but then don’t worry about stretching the chorus out a few bars. I’m not gonna say the harmony doesn’t matter, but since you already put songs together you should be fine. Also, like 2 chords in one bar is fine to change up things a little. Also, you can start the chorus with a IV or a V chord, usually ending on I. Major or minor. Keep the bass simple at first, I’d say rock tempo generally 100 to 160bpm. Hey man!,nice shot is 90 but in general. If you’re writing usually in 70 to 80 you also could try just doubling the tempo . I would think mixed results, but?

  18. Your bass notes should match the song. For example If the chord is EbMin then A doesn’t (generally) make sense harmonically. If I’m doubt tune the sub bass to the root note of the key of the song

  19. Well yeah I get that. I’m not sure what you think I’m asking. But , I’m talking about the frequency range of the subs. So I can use A under F, D, and A or Am, G# under E , G under G, Em, C….etc , so on.

  20. Aah I misunderstood- ye I would say anything under 50/60hz is in sub territory- the low E on a guitar is about 82Hz and that certainly not sub bass -

  21. Thanks, I should have just simplified my question, how low would be too low, too muddy, sound awful, or maybe inaudible or possibly a danger to subwoofers , if that’s possible.

  22. You could try Writing out 1 note of a chord at a time. Only moving no more than a third. Or limit yourself to m2 or M2 moves. So probably if 8 bars , then 8 notes. But that doesn’t matter , however long your section is. Use all semitones if you want. But feel free to use them when you want. Don’t even think about scales. Get that to sound the way you want. Kinda decide at some point if it’s a bass line . Oh , still start on a tonic note, and maybe end where you want . , Then add another line , usually start at or end and add another line. Usually thirds but a 4th or 2nd okay , then repeat. Double notes if you want. You could repeat this 5 or 6 times. This is similar to counterpoint BUT NOT. Still voice leading though. If they cross that’s fine, skip or add another note. Don’t think about scales. But keep in mind your chord probably needs a 5th at some point. But really focus on just how it sounds. Move or remove notes wherever whenever. There’s nuances to this , I probably forgot, but that should get you started. Obviously this is Harmony first , not if you already have a melody. Use a fairly slow tempo, you can speed it up later. Use 2 notes a bar at most. (If 2 chords in a bar) . So your basically building a chord progression from scratch, but also because your free to use semitones at will , it almost guarantees it’s “out of the box”.

  23. Inversions used to be used to create smooth connections in the bass line (or, we could say that the inversions are actually a result of smooth connections in the bass line).

  24. 6th Diminished is just a regular scale (I.e. Major, Minor, Dominant or Dominant Diminished) with an added flat 6 (i.e. C-D-E-F-G-Ab-A-B).

  25. I’ve never heard. Have to look that up…still, a little unsure if you’re just messing with me … if not the case , thanks for the information.

  26. I’m not sure if this relates in the way you want it to; But if you play a note and it’s fifth supposedly, your brain will hear the note an octave below the note. So A3 E3 , you will “fill in” …A2 . But as far as far as “sub harmonic s “ they, to the best of my knowledge don’t happen naturally, everything flows up, at least in most cases. I have a guitar pedal that supposedly does sub harmonics somehow. And it does show up on the visual frequency band. I think I use SPAN . But , I’m not sure, it just sounds cool at certain settings.

  27. Stylophone , not too loud, small, and a non musician can ignore the “black keys” . But they’re the same steel color, I think, on most models.

  28. It’s okay …and necessary to just count “sev” if your a musician.

  29. I was about to say, why ask this… but then I saw someone mention FL slayer.

  30. Okay, disclosure; I use FL studio. They have a free version. But I’m sure other DAWs also do. Download them all. Whatever one you “gravitate “ more to ….use that one or 2. For now..,In the long run it won’t make too much of a difference. Especially if you already plan on playing a instrument or using your voice,

  31. Thank you very much. I've been watching some tutorials and managed to piece up a song. I was just having problems with which tutorials I should watch but know I kinda got it figured out and got in the flow of things

  32. Yeah, there’s a lot of tutorials…both a blessing and a curse. But more of a blessing, once you get past where you are right now,

  33. I can’t hear the math or anything, and sorry, did not listen to 12 hours, but as someone who is trying to “meditate “ routinely….yes , surprisingly, I think your piece in the background would “enhance “ my novice attempts at meditation

  34. Thanks! Haha the music itself doesn't go on for 12 hours, but, mathematically, if the mixed meter section was played indefinitely, it would repeat itself verbatim every 12 hours. My piece only uses a short fragment of that pattern.

  35. Oh, doesn’t matter to me, usually I fall asleep when meditating anyway:) but I was thinking you might be interested in the plugin ; I think “corkscrew “ and I think by “Anarchy effects”. It does the shepherd tone thing very easily without much hassle. I was thinking of doing a sleep piece (sleep is my 2nd favorite hobby after music;) with it, but of course …haven’t got around to it. But I think it would also be appropriately cool in a meditation thing. I think your piece is good, and I’m not just saying that.

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