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  1. Cobra should be from the main royal family, otherwise he doesn't really have a reason to know about poneglyph or the letter.

  2. I mean it could easily be that once Titi died responsibilities of being the ruler of the country fell onto him as such he had to learn its secrets to one day pass down to Vivi since Titi wouldnt be there to help her

  3. If hes as smart as he makes himself out to be then he would understand why i want the surgery that i want

  4. He would but he would add all kinds off messed up shit in your body as well

  5. I’d have to be the only person that could save a loved one, or the fate of the world is at stake and I’m the only one who can save it.

  6. You are a nobody shinigami that got one shotted by Ichigo when he invaded the soul palace

  7. The scene: "I'm sorry for everything Hinamori......and this."

  8. …goddamnit that didn’t deserve to make me laugh

  9. Sure hit me up in chat with a starter as well

  10. Eh Yor is his older sister so that technically doesn’t count

  11. Yeah but Gauche and Lance both have little sisters that is why i made the joke of them having competition where as Yor is the older sister that’s why it doesn’t really count in my book

  12. Eh i say they can defeat BlackBeard, old whitebeard and maybe Big Mom

  13. Damn what did Doxie do to deserve D

  14. As you rub the old lamp that was dropped in the middle of the living room a puff of blue smoke begins to escape the bottle filling the room as I slowly appear from out of the smoke " for you have summoned me I shall grant you three wishes blah blah blah uh Dave is that you" the mysteries blue female says

  15. Staying inside the lamp sucks. Luckily I've obtained new genie powers and I've spent a whole lot of time mastering them. I can do almost anything except leaving the lamp and returning to being a man.

  16. No disrespect just confused why is Beebeard so high?

  17. I like his aesthetic, also he's one of the only pirates in the campaign who isn't evil. Obviously I don't think he's a better character than a lot of others but I like him the most.

  18. Hmm to each his own I suppose I wasn’t a big fan of him myself it really felt like he was a filler enemy

  19. Idk ask his boss i think he is a candy shop owner

  20. I looked to you with a uncaring look while drinking my drink “ sure as long as your fun and continuing acting sexy i dont care” i said as my girlfriend was mostly in it for my money so I didn’t care if anyone toke control over her

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