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  1. Crystal, since day one. 1,408 days ago.

  2. I always thought the new frontier symbol would make a bitchin tattoo, you could even do it in red so it looks like the burn mark

  3. Thats.. a solid idea of a tattoo!

  4. I don’t like the nose, it’s kind of piggish. Otherwise I love it

  5. Yeah, the more you look at it.. the more it looks off.

  6. If you just want an online store for yourself then pick an East to use platform.

  7. Cheers Andrew. I appreciate the answers!

  8. Wanting to create an online merch store and wanting to learn how to create websites are two very different things. If you want to learn how to create websites, start with a much smaller goal. If you want to create an online merch store, look at services like Wix or Shopify.

  9. Thank you so much for answers 💜

  10. Yeah! Blew my mind. Time flys when you are having fun 😮‍💨

  11. Definitely gonna feel like it’s gonna stand out in comparison to the others. Not a fan of anime. But still enjoy the collaborations & features. I reckon the BP is unique

  12. Me personally. I enjoy Zero Builds because the fights don’t last for 10mins.

  13. Everything & it being different than the previous ones

  14. Honestly, I don’t mind. I enjoy the game & it’s mechanics. I’m glad they keep this game going, I hope for many more years.

  15. I really hope this issues gets more recognition.

  16. It was me 😈 the crystal

  17. He wasn’t the other imposters, nor, was the guy playing.

  18. It was definitely memorable, not a favourite at all though.

  19. Crystal. First released in August 4th, 2019. Making it 1,098 days I have used this skin & not changed once.

  20. This was so unexpected 💀💀

  21. Done! 😅 Good luck w/ your thesis.

  22. Comments discussing n i still cant read the writing o.O ..

  23. Would make it lower to at least allow those that enjoy the game heavily, especially collecting. But, don’t have the time to constantly play daily.

  24. Congratulations! Do you reckon you are gonna go for 200?

  25. Man almost got out of the loop

  26. Crazy to see that it is now completed..

  27. This is very efficient, I appreciate this.

  28. BLACK OPS 3 came out with “Zombies Chronicles” It consisted of 8 remasters of classics:

  29. Origins has the giant robots in it right? I dont recognise many of the other maps here, Are any of these from BO2? I cant remember many of the german names

  30. Ayo, I’ll keep that in mind 😜

  31. No Ravage.. 😪 I need the backbling for a video

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