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  1. This subreddit flip flops more than my boyfriend and I lol

  2. I keep hearing both sides say this, are they trying to lube us up for China taking over Taiwan and the US not doing anything about it?

  3. Just a coincidence that there is a child/little person with a clown mask and fake knife…?

  4. I think y’all are missing that she was doing a character that “It’s not a phase mom” character, but they mesh well together

  5. It might of been a character but it didn’t translate well on the pitstop and especially since you could barely hear what she was saying.

  6. Tell me you’re contractually obligated without telling me.

  7. .. she wasn’t contractually obligated to appear

  8. This is literally every customer that day drinks on weekdays and weekends and complains about the waiting times in the NHS and passive aggressively stare at anyone who isn’t a white jabba the hut.

  9. They should lose their citizenship. Pretty sure they wouldn’t join after that.

  10. like it’s obvious laganja is joking bc when would that lipsync even HAPPEN 😭😭

  11. Gurl shut up I really believe her 😭😭😭😭 why would she acknowledge it twice?! Fair enough with Bianca as a gaggy comedy bit but in her own channel.. gurl im gagged

  12. she’s just keeping the joke going bc the concept itself is funny but the way you started to tear bianca down bc of a fake joke is hilarious lowkey

  13. He isn’t mocking it you dumbass. Id you really did your research you would know how much of a shit show this was. The police did fuck all in regards to dealing with thr situation and compensation with the affected families.

  14. At what point is it “extremism”? Jesus says some horrible things most Christians ignore. Is it “extremism” to do what your religion says, or is it what is expected of one who believes that religion?

  15. From your post history it seems you have been struggling a lot with faith and your self-identity. I’m sorry for that. I would like it if we could be free to believe in what we want to an extent but to not kill, discriminate based on it. Believe in your god or whatever but leave it in your place of practice.

  16. That was rude. Your accusations are unfounded. Now, as noted, Jesus espouses bigotry, so bigotry is inseparable from Christianity. They’re tasked to convert people, and there is no respectful way around that. They have to be dicks or they’re not obeying Christ. This is why there is a question as to what qualifies as “extremism.” If a religion says to do horrible things, then those horrible things are the standard for that religion, not an extreme. If adherents of that religion ignore 90% of their own religion, they’re simply not actual believers.

  17. Thank you but if I wanted to go to Sunday school I would have, enjoy your day. God speed ;)

  18. Forgive me for being ignorant but India or parts of it haven’t really maintained or updated their tracks, railways since they gained independence from Britain? Meaning they’re super old and outdated?

  19. I think that’s an extremely harsh, racist generalised opinion but okay lol.

  20. He definitely does know this is a cruising spot. A cruising spot that has and most likely still uses. The hate he spews is the same hate he has for himself. There’s a reason why LGBT+ (mainly transgender) porn is the highest viewed in predominantly more religious states.

  21. Anyone who thinks that a 10 year old should be forced to carry a baby to term doesn't belong in civilized society.

  22. Yet it’s the LGBT+ community that is harming the children 🙄

  23. the britney spears isn’t actually free conspiracy. popped up on my tik tok feed a couple days ago and i fell down the rabbit hole. makes me feel kinda crazy but i think there’s definitely at least some truth to what their saying 👀

  24. I think you need to do more research on who Britney is and the torture her family put her through. You are objectively wrong.

  25. I like to believe even though there are sickos who truly think this. I wanna believe that most of them are just proud boys or extreme right-wingers trying to validate and push this hateful narrative that gays and queers are all perverts

  26. Withdrawal from what though? This is just a way for Russia to keep the regions they’ve already captured. They need to give it all back and Crimea

  27. I think Raja is just drunk during these videos lol. She’s expressed many times (Very that - RIP) that she is a free spirit and doesn’t care for photo ruview but I’m sure it’s a steady and regular paycheck from WOW

  28. Doing anything just because it’s “diverse” is stupid. Skill, talent should be prioritised than race.

  29. So ironic. “it was gods plan” new to way for abortion. Cynical and inappropriate but fuck these cunts. Religious twats.

  30. We have zero affiliation with WoW, we just want to keep the sub healthy. That means not a place where people attack each other, and not a place where illegal things are posted.

  31. Things like illegal streaming links that is, or posting people's private info without their permission.

  32. They don’t want to be surrounded by NATO. This is the whole reason of the war.

  33. I’m sure the proud boys are lining up. They’ve dine enough larping and training now!

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