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  1. Sick, I picked up a Micro Dark the other day and I love mine! I also got that lil cab for it lol

  2. So I’ve been playing with an AC15 for a couple of years now, and I really wasn’t expecting to get a new amp. But, my practice amp (Vox MV50 head and mini cab) crapped out on me, so I got the Micro Dark and a 1x8 cab for it to rehearse with. Then I figured, hey, if I’m going to have a tube amp head and mini cab, why not just trade in my AC15 for a larger lighter cab to gig with? So I did that. Can’t say I regret it, cuz this thing sounds so good! And honestly I really won’t miss the features of the AC15 (reverb, trem, tone cut) cuz I never used them

  3. They’re both great, but 7 really takes the cake for me. It was my first RE game and it really strikes a personal fear chord; creepy southern shack terror, ya know? I honestly prefer 8’s gameplay and I think it’s better executed, but 7 remains scarier and more diffcult to me easily

  4. Does anyone know if the big cheese/biotres Mendez in resident evil 4 is a stalker in the remake?

  5. I was thinking that the big bug dudes (I forget what they’re called) would stalk you in the sewers like the section in the original RE4, where you have to QTE evade its tail and stuff, but big cheese may be a hunter enemy too

  6. I don't think they're saying that it's difficult. They just don't enjoy the section. I feel the same way whenever I replay re4, re2r, and re7, I just want to get back to what I was playing earlier. It's not bad, but on subsequent playthroughs it feels kinda like a little slog. Like a speed bump in my enjoyment. I don't mind re3s Carlos section though.

  7. thank you, i think you’re the only person who understood my post lol

  8. They're REALLY not that bad. She's simple to direct and won't venture anywhere you don't want her to. Not hard to keep her away. There are hiding spots too.

  9. Oh I’ve got no problem with the escort sections, those are east enough. I just don’t like the knight chase style part, or the more recent RE side character sections

  10. What's your band? Been a fan of yours since the compressor era, would love to hear your music

  11. LMAO we don’t speak of the compressor posts… if you’re actually interetsed we’re on spotify and apple music as sludge, all lowercase. Just one song out (Greg Abbott’s Maxi Pad) but we’re working on more

  12. Nice, how'd your shows go? Playing sxsw is on my bucket list

  13. Pedals all the way. First of all, I just prefer having the same sound live as I do recorded (even though it’s not directly the same). Second, I’m not gonna go into massive debt buying pedals and then not use them lol

  14. For 100% safety, upload character config and system config using the cloud feature from character select

  15. Am I able to do this character upload if I’ve already suspended my monthly payments?

  16. Tell me about the Fuzz War; how it sounds, its EQ, what you use it for, I wanna know!

  17. The „amount“ of input signal stays the same, it’s only getting distorted. Nothing to worry about. You should only be careful when the input signal itself differs (meaning don’t plug a bass guitar into your guitar amp)

  18. Ahh, I see, that makes sense! Thanks! So no pedal changes that input?

  19. I know these posts are a dime a dozen, especially posts of captures of people talking to Yuria, but I’m very proud! 65 hours in, and finally the Platinum!!! First of all, huge, huge, HUGE thanks to

  20. Cotton died, remember? GH isn't going to be raised by him

  21. can’t believe i forgot that, i’m watching through season 5 rn lmao

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