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  1. Just pronounce it as the anime officially pronounces it. Why's there even a debate after official confirmation?

  2. Ya, Baraggan is definitely older than Yami Sukehiro.

  3. The actual warrior that is The Kenpachi.

  4. You're wrong in one aspect. The older someone becomes, the stronger he/she gets.

  5. Hope his fight gets extended in the anime, he was one of my favourites

  6. I hope he's mad goofy in the anime and that they portray his rather unique personality well on screen. I need him to become my new favourite.

  7. Him booking it away from Grimjow made me laugh out loud, especially after seeing how powerful the other SS members were

  8. Like you look at the things he does and you can just tell he doesn't take his job seriously. Imagine being one of the strongest characters but you're over there eating a sandwich or making tea in a warzone.

  9. The stylistic potential of how to draw Ichibe's ink is just massive. I hope it just looks otherworldly or in a clashing style to the main visuals.

  10. Imagine if they animate it and then make it kind of like moving manga panels. Breaking the fourth wall. Everything black & white until colour is needed.

  11. I really really hope they play with elements like that, it needs to feel like the two most powerful characters we've ever seen clash on screen.

  12. 2 who possesses the strongest abilities for the race they represent. The power to bestow names and the power to alter the future. Will be monumental. I respect Yamamoto and his fight but fire vs Royd's whatever Quincy techniques can only achieve so much on screen.

  13. What hax? Turning things into fish? He touched Muichiro and turned part of his clothes into fish. That's all.

  14. I don't see why that information would be important to him..

  15. I would love to die with a gaping hole in my chest :>

  16. I agree. Nothing warranted him in this arc to make him seem even LM level. It doesn’t matter if Muichiro was just too strong and made it look easy. The fight sequence was pathetic and Gyokko was less menacing than even Kyogai.

  17. Yea, the sense of danger was really lacking. If he had killed Kotetsu, then maybe we might sense that UM5 isn't that simple, but no. Even little boy survived one of Gyokko's minions.

  18. I can only say that Anime even make him looks weaker... in Manga during his true form, he destroying forest without a problem :3

  19. Anime do be making him babble on and on about how lightning fast his moves are and how the naked eye cannot perceive them.

  20. I mean... a Menos flexing its Spiritual Pressure would annihilate the AoT verse. Let alone it beaming out Ceros left, right & centre.

  21. Bruh it's a preview of the new OP. How do you expect that of something that has not even been officially released in full yet??

  22. I hope they're restructuring the content so that Zero Division gets an extended fight scene in Cour 2. If not, we're gonna be livid.

  23. But Muichiro marked would still cut through no?

  24. Weak asf, but he looks cool. Sure, whatever floats your boat ig

  25. Would just be spoiling his resurrection. I know, Shinji's Bankai is also a spoiler. But his generates more hype than Kira.

  26. Their fight (and Gyokko) was mid, but Muichiro is not mid at all.

  27. Ngl this panel alone hits so much harder than whatever the heck this episode was.

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