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  1. No i refuse eating detergent the rest of my life

  2. Fr now stop downvoting the fourth comment once and for all

  3. Monkey that will reply to this comment is a fucking legend

  4. Around a year after the game came out when onett added mother bear

  5. Don’t you think you should upgrade that belt pocket?

  6. Finally something creative on this subreddit

  7. You should donate it to the wind shrine after you donate the second spirit petal to it so you can get a bit more favor in the shrine

  8. I know that favour increases your chances of getting windy bee, but is it total favour, or only what you donate after donating the petal?

  9. I think it’s total favor doesn’t matter if u have spirit petal donated or not

  10. Low enough for you to post on this subreddit if you get one

  11. And he still lost his seat. De Vries better take his seat or I'm gonna lose it

  12. Proiectele parlamentarilor sunt pui pe langa ce am facut noi in 41 de zile

  13. This is gold, what show is this on? I'm ready to binge.

  14. Unfortunately the show doesn’t exist as far as I know it’s only a sketch

  15. yoo why clip the facepalm off the end? That was the best part

  16. The end was a cringy bullshit laugh since it’s from tiktok

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