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  1. 🏮etsu izakaya at mermaid beach is great for japanese, also includes some more kid friendly options than a traditional japanese restaurant

  2. Thank you…great suggestions - I thought The Collective, too…want to go a little fancier. 🙏🏼❤️

  3. I tried Bazaar a few months ago and wasn’t a fan. I’d recommend Etsu instead.

  4. What others identify as boobs, I identify as the ass/bottom with the pussy and the asshole in the middle. I can also see the legs on the left and right "angled to the body" (sorry, I am German...) and I can see the face above the pussy.

  5. I second Mad Asian…also the Thai next door to Saiko

  6. Your freedom…it’ll cost you your freedom.


  8. We’re a superficial town…when you have Ferraris, Lambos and Gucci stores, you wear puffer jackets if they’re in fashion…regardless of the latitude - SMH.

  9. A grasshopper hops into the bar and asks the bartender for a beer.

  10. I open up Reddit and Ireland right in the middle of this thread…now I’m Hungary!!

  11. Please explain…(cool band, bruh)

  12. Nah…the first koala was auto-asphyxiating via a rope tied to the handle…

  13. Welllll….technicalllyyyyy…the hands are around the wrong way…

  14. I just found out the other day from my chiropractic X-rays that I broke my coccyx a minimum of 25 years ago…

  15. A polite word may be needed…

  16. Reddit’s ‘Popular’ category…

  17. “How old are you?” “I’m 15, Mr Burnett.” “MFer, you look 30…”

  18. A bit of Hollywood tape and eye shadow and you should be right!!

  19. Technically, that's the median. I'll see myself out.

  20. What does communicating with the dead have anything to do with this?

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