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  1. Trust me, as a former Geico adjuster, those two are much happier where they are now.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! If I had money I'd buy one for sure!!!

  3. Amazing, now to finish it off add an unusually tall fire hydrant next to him.

  4. Honestly didn't think bronze would go well with black, but I stand corrected. It looks really sharp! Welcome to the club, now just get that second job to pay for gas lol.

  5. I’d bet my life on Reddit to internet strangers about an insignificant fact that impacts me little!

  6. yup lol, someone scraped the door with their bumper, it's most likely buffable.

  7. Nope that's an impact with a fixed object like a bollard or pole. I'd bet my life on it.

  8. Not sure what the rest of the center looks like, so basically I am basing my opinion from this video. That machine looks super clean. Bet there are very few machine marks on balls or your bowling ball coming back with crap all over it. Great job in helping maintain. Takes a small village sometimes.

  9. Thank you! I bowl as well so I'm always trying to look at it from both sides. Cleaning these machines goes a long way in terms of reliability so it is definitely worth the time and effort.

  10. I'm not sure. Didn't really see anything that looks newer than the XLI edge? Maybe they are just rebranding the name as edge free fall to differentiate from their string edge machines? I dunno

  11. Hate when they forget the lug nuts!!! Jk looks awesome.

  12. Looks like you had it for a year. Why are you getting rid of it?

  13. Starting a business. Need to ditch the car payment. I'll be back soon enough.

  14. Literally a thousand things could have caused it. Sometimes it's impossible to track down what happened. Could have been a loose screw that now isn't visible to the alley mechanic. Any self respecting alley should fix it for you though. (bowling alley mechanic here).

  15. I would abandon both and install a in wall Cadet Com-Pak near the switch or thermostat. BTW both heaters are code violations the way they are installed. The first because the hot air can't rise and will be trapped under the book case causing dangerous heat build up. The second because you are not allowed to have a receptacle directly above a heater because the cord will drape down on the heater as it does in the photo.

  16. Came here to say this. Can't believe they are both installed the way they are. OP is lucky they don't use it.

  17. What was your process here? Turned out amazing.

  18. Tell the manager and they should fix it. Also tell them what lane so their mechanic can go check out the lane and pinsetter for possible causes.

  19. Should have at least an inch gap between the end of that gutter and the siding and there should be a kick out flashing above the gutter to direct the water away from the siding and into the gutter. If you have that much water behind there, it would be a good idea to call in a qualified contractor to fix and hopefully prevent what could be thousands of dollars in water damage behind that wall. Not sure how long it's been that way though. Edit:spelling

  20. It's fun but sooooo distracting sometimes.

  21. But does it work in the mall parking lot??

  22. Updated, the stuff you are thinking of was from the 80s/90s.

  23. Is LP smart side the same LP type that has had know issues forever with the glue breaking down prematurely? Or is the smart side line an updated material that no longer suffers from the same manufacturing defects??

  24. It’s not being a jerk to point out that telling someone who is asking for grass help to do something completely different. It isn’t helpful or what they are asking for

  25. When I worked for Geico we had access to pull all WA tabs via plate or vin for registration checks so I imagine anyone else can get that same access.

  26. What in the alley cats strike black magic fuckery did I just watch!?!

  27. Hope that handy man burns in handy hell.

  28. Worked as an insurance adjuster for 5 years, I'd recommend going to dealership for OEM replacement ONLY if insurance is paying for it because it will be the most expensive route most likely. Otherwise Dan Fast in Bellevue across from a service king auto body shop puts out decent work from my experience sending cars there.

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