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  1. Let mine go before I knew what I was doing. Hope whoever stole it from me gets it graded and he’s out there somewhere happy 😭

  2. This is how booster boxes rise in price lmao

  3. Yea imma send one to psa to get graded and maybe sell it and keeping the other one for collection

  4. If you’re in Vegas visit the Gaming Goat in Town Square. They’re taking preorders for $100 deposit and running out fast. Great small business to support as well.

  5. I know 😆 that’s why I’m never buying lost origin packs again

  6. I’ve been smoked on almost every BB so far which checks out considering the pull rates I’ve seen.

  7. ...and I'm making her give it back.

  8. Good on you OP. I’d make my son do the same. Teaching them right 🤘

  9. I got smoked today. It’s gunna be a while before I try again. Maybe $20 worth of hits oof

  10. quite the discovery, we should experiment some more on it to see if it’s normal

  11. What do you mean? If you say you want to drink will someone tell you they hope it sucks, or something else?

  12. I have a booster box of evolving coming tomorrow and it might be my last attempt at some of the vmax alts, I have been extremely unlucky this set and I can’t justify spending further on it man

  13. My coworker who just pulls for fun with us pulled a giratina first lost origins preview pack she bought. Nuts

  14. “Been having bad luck with fusion strike” yeah you and everyone else here bruh

  15. Got mine coming on Tuesday. I’m due for some of that luck. Congrats

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