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A glowing commendation for all to see

  • By - 3vts

  1. Trans is an umbrella term. Some people who are non-binary identify as trans, some do not. The Latin prefix “trans-“ just means “on the other side of.” If you think the label trans describes you, it’s yours to use.

  2. For me, I’ve learned that the being awkward by being quiet at least helps me to avoid the laying-in-bed-dwelling-on-a-slightly-embarrassing-thing-I-said-eleven-years-ago predicament

  3. Anyone got a name for the dude goin absolute ham on that piano?

  4. Luca Sestak is playing the keyboard and the drum pad. I doubt we could pronounce the cat's real name. Their slave name is likely something like Fluffybutt, or Mr. Purr.

  5. Ughhh fuck a leaf blower. Hate the sound of mowing too.

  6. My sensory sensitivities can be about as uncomfortable as sensory deprivation too. So in a silent environment sometimes I'll have a speaker/headphones playing a subtle pink noise or music or just anything at all. Same reason I always have fans on and even carry a little fan when I go to friends' places, also in case I start overheating but mainly just to fill a sound void

  7. Nah man I've snapped piano strings. Ain't pretty

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