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  1. Apparently one of the service stations near me just bumped u91 to 310. I’m gonna fill my tank even though I am at half just in case.

  2. _V23 says:

    What the hell!? Surely that's a 'we've run out of petrol so don't come here' price.

  3. _V23 says:

    His ult should give him a stacking movement speed bonus depending on how long he stands in it. Something like 1% movement speed for each second he stands in his ult, stacks last for five seconds after leaving his ult.

  4. Ares makes the whole match revolve around his ult

  5. Kukulkan and Discordia are perfect beginner mages.

  6. I used to main Joust but now I solely play Arena. Conquest is the premier mode, and requires more strategy and skill, but I just enjoy playing for fun.

  7. Bluestone/Warrior's Axe Sovereignty Oni Hunter's Garb Gladiator's Shield Pridwen Mantle of Discord

  8. Ult in on a low health enemy across the map for the cleanup.

  9. There is server select, press 'Play' and then there should be an option in the bottom right. Alternatively, it's somewhere in the options. Bear in mind, Smite has notoriously shitty servers.

  10. Jorm's not the best support so it's better to build him hybrid. Something like:

  11. Any more crit items and basic attack crit right? Also that is super helpful

  12. Arena and fenrir, set, thantos, tsukyomi.kali, susano

  13. Thanatos can be difficult in Arena because he has no reliable escape, apart from his ultimate, I guess. You tend to see an Arena Thanatos go either 12-3 or, more commonly, 2-14. Most Thanas in Arena will ult someone as soon as they enter the execute range, either get the kill or miss, and then die almost immediately.

  14. I only play Arena, but I've got around 80-85 diamond gods (I stop playing a god when I get them diamond).

  15. That’s like me almost.. move on to another god once I get the to diamond.

  16. Definitely. Yemoja was a STRUGGLE in Arena, let me tell you, because her abilities are much harder to hit in the wide open areas of Arena.

  17. I’m an 8 star susano main and don’t understand the synergy or notoriety of this combo. Can someone explain

  18. Would be cool if they remove the least popular starter for each role, over the course of the whole season, and replace them with new ones.

  19. It comes with time and practice. Basically you want to get to the point where you're counter-building the enemy. Counter-building is usually more important for some roles (E.g. Support and Solo) compared to others (E.g. ADC)

  20. Here's a basic build you can experiment with in Conquest:

  21. If you're talking about the 'hit three enemies at once with your ult' achievement. I did it and got the in-game Smite notification but the Xbox achievement didn't unlock for me until I completed a match the next day (don't think I was playing Osiris for that match).

  22. I don't play The Morrigan, but I'd assume the following would be a good place to start for Joust (Morri mains can chime in with a better build):

  23. Not enough hard CC to be a good support, assuming you're playing against similarly-skilled opponents.

  24. How would you peel for your backline?

  25. Unscheduled maintenance, looks like...

  26. A Ratatoskr posted here, a few days ago, with 199 stars. I don't think there's a limit unless it's only coded for 999 or something.

  27. Skadi. She's consistently near the bottom, I assume because of her lack of safety.

  28. All eyes on VicRoads as global recession fears put sale process on bumpy road

  29. Simple mages - Kukulkan, Discordia

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