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Co-Op Code Mega Thread - June 28, 2021

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  1. Anyone still doing Elite Quantum Messenger?

  2. Yeah, why isn't the Events Calendar updated!? I am looking for the Crafting Sale too.

  3. More handy than you think.3 slots mean you can jam in 3x tachyon stones for 15% laying rate or 3x dilithium stones for 24% boost duration buff.

  4. The effect of the stones multiply. So it's around +15.8% laying rate and +26% boost duration.

  5. I have to say I'm a bit confused on why she's switching between english and Indian (sorry I'm not knowledgable on the language so I don't know which of the ones that are spoken she is speaking). I've noticed that in many recipies and never understood why they do it. Great recipie though!

  6. It depends, I do the 8 token trick most of the time and use 2 100x hatcheries for about 5 hours with all my dilithium stones. In contracts with 1-2 hour tokens, i can get to about 11 billion with the help of life stones quite a bit faster than others.

  7. How do you turn 2 hours into 5 hours using Dilithium stones? That's 150% increase. And isn't the max you can get with stones 12*8% = 96% increase?

  8. The stones compound with each other so instead of 12x0.08 = 96%, you actually get 1.0812 which is roughly a 152% increase. Therefore, a 2 hour tachyon will last a little over 5 hours.

  9. Oh, yes! I just figured out an hour ago that many stones stack multiplicatively too. That explains it. Thanks!

  10. Just to add... the effectiveness is in this order Prophecy > Terra > Soul > Shell.

  11. Earning Bonus... that you get from Prophecy and Soul Eggs.

  12. Right now I use a lightbulb instead of a second bird feed; I have not finished the epic research though. After the refill rate is checked is it possible to basically maintain a stream of chickens?

  13. Nope. It still takes about 10 seconds to refill the hatcheries after emptying them.

  14. Why though? An extra birdfeed doubles earning, but lightbulb helps me maintain a 400x chicken bonus (not to mention egg value bonus); I figure on average consistently maxing out the running chicken grants more than 2x than when the chicken stream isn't consistent. Am I missing something?

  15. The Light Bulb can be avoided by not filling up your coops completely.

  16. Try loading the website, and reloading it using Ctrl+Shift+R, which loads the website completelt new, and ignores any present cache, similar to what incognito mode does ;)

  17. Found it! It was uBlock blocking some requests based on some new URL rules they added. That URL Rule for looking for in them which matched here and got blocked.

  18. Yeah, it was pretty strange. After I found it, I updated my lists and I too saw that it was reverted. So, it's working fine now even with uBlock enabled for the pages.

  19. The bare minimum would essentially cost nothing in boosts just a little time

  20. I don't think you can get to 1.6 billion chickens within a day using that method. After that, the time is against you.

  21. If you want to do minimum, you can use 100x Tachyon for 2 hours (4 tokens) and 1 tachyon of 10x for 4 hours (3 tokens). That got me the goal. Then just farm chicken boxes to get done even faster.

  22. That depends on how high your EB% is. I had to use the 50x earning boost + running chicken bonus to get my egg laying rate research as high as possible. Using that essentially increased the egg laying rate by 50% from what I had maxed out with my base earning rate. Using a 10x 4 hours tachyon would only give me 20% increase and would have also eaten up 4 hours.

  23. Oh! Thank you for that. That website is solid gold meteorite.

  24. Am I the only one who sees the co-op earning boost as pretty pointless, because once the 100,000X+ soul mirror runs out the extra 30% to 90% doesn't make any difference.

  25. Yup. Special Earning Boosts should be tiered +100, 300, 700, 1500% which is basically, 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x earning rates.

  26. Bought death stranding for around 1300, I think it's well worth the price just for the graphics alone.

  27. Yup, that is on my wishlist too. Like I said, Not buying those awesome graphics game as of now because I don't have a good enough graphics card. Next sale, maybe.

  28. You can buy and keep and play it later on when you get a good gaming gear. As I'm a student rn this was one the best deals which I could ever get.

  29. I know, but I had seen the same deal in the previous sale just a couple of months ago. With the coupon and all, it was coming up to the same price of 1400. I was tempted even back then. So, I think this'll be a recurring deal and I'll get the same price with maybe a tiny chance of even getting a better discount. I can wait, I am a

  30. what should I buy guys? I have an nvidia1650 max q. So, RDR2 is out of question. Is the mafia trilogy a good deal?

  31. You can get RDR2 for 1393 Rs. with the 750 Rs. coupon.

  32. It won't run on my Nvidia GTX 1650 Max Q, right...

  33. LOL, I didn't realize it was your graphics card. I thought 1650 was your budget. I am not in the know of mobile graphic card names.

  34. Not actually new. I remember them being sold years ago here in austria.

  35. I remember this was posted (without the loud singing) on reddit a few years ago too.

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