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  1. From what I can tell, the price you pay is highly dependent on what kind of app you have. The main thing my app is going to do is take a form, turn it into a PDF, and email it to a few people. Given how simple that is, will I be looking at a ludicrous bill each month?

  2. Heroku should be fine - especially if you're just getting your feet wet with deploying apps.

  3. It has space in the name so obviously it's more complicated website. They have Spacetext Markup Language, NoGravStyleSheets and LunarScript. It takes at least that or the lack of gravity, oxygen and the cold are really making a mess of your Twitter feed.

  4. May be view DHH as an individual? Whatever he says he’s saying it in his individual capacity!

  5. BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) is a bacteria that only affects caterpillars, if that's natural enough. Sold as Dipel or "Nature's Way".

  6. You only need one job. Do what you enjoy and let some other poor fool suffer doing Java / C# - unless that's what you're interested in.

  7. Yeah, we grow it as a chop and drop compost. Grows really well, haven't had it spread - other than us manually divide it when the plants get too big.

  8. Was lucky enough to start with Rails 1.2.3. Team of two, previously Delphi programmers, managed to get a new product out on the market within 3 months. As the other dev said, she "loved a language that doesn't mess with your head". We both found it easy to grok, though I also had a background in Smalltalk - which helped a lot.

  9. Just a bit of a language comprehension thing! It's a 21% increase in comparison to the previous week. So in this case last weeks value is considered to be 100%, but this week it's 100% of last week's numbers (~6000) + 21% (~2000) to make ~8000. That is to say, this week's numbers are ~121% (1.21×) of last week's numbers, but it's only a 21% increase in comparison.

  10. Ah yep, I'm a goofball - was only looking at the numbers in the body of the post, not the headline number. Derpy derp derp. Sorry. Thanks for clearing it up.

  11. Not a ground cherry / cape gooseberry? Does it have a papery kind of cover over the fruit?

  12. Tobacco is one of those plants that pump 'murder' into the soil to kill of competition. Make sure your mother's sunflowers aren't downstream or she strangles you for killing them.

  13. Downside: mosaic virus, which will screw over your tomato plants and other Solanaceae (eggplant, chilis, etc).

  14. Unlikely culprit, but yabbies? We used to get similar mounds come up in our garden, 100m away from the nearest dam. Turned out the yabbies just burrowed along the water table.

  15. An LMS can be complex beastie (source: was the product manager for a commercial Rails-based LMS back in the day), but could be an interesting project to build your chops up on.

  16. Pretty much what I've been using for years - most recently this exact brand. Does the job - even found a blue-tongue under it enjoying the warmth.

  17. You might want to contact the Rare Fruit Society. They're a useful resource, and have a lot of experience re what works and what doesn't over here:

  18. Thank you, do I need to do anything for this? Do I need to clear out the other seedlings that didn’t grow or do I just leave it, water it or anything? Thanks again

  19. If you want to, you can harvest the seeds and use next time - assuming it wasn't some kind of hybrid.

  20. If you remove them yourself, just be careful. They produce a lot of milky sap when pruned and all it takes is to get some in your eye or in a cut. It won't kill you, but it's pretty nasty.

  21. Friends of mine put a drop or two of Laphroig in unpeated Scotches to "liven them up". Never tried it myself.

  22. I wouldn't worry. A mate of mine is super happy his skills remain in high demand because "no-one wants to learn C++".

  23. To be fair, the base "mini" level Redis - the equivalent of the old free plan - is 1c per month.

  24. Generally, you don't raise seeds directly in potting mix. A seed raising mix is lighter, doesn't have bits of wood and is more suitable for germinating seeds.

  25. As more and more well-known folks pile in, it's going to be interesting to see how we deal with "official" accounts vs fake ones. I guess it'll come down to how well the instances themselves establish trust.

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