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Elon Musk got booed off the stage at the Dave Chappelle show in SF last night

I can't help but look.

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  1. Anyway to make a high res print of this?

  2. At this point, any progress is good, but is this development really going to be 50% parking garage? And it's smack in the center of everything. If there are ground floor businesses on the inward facing sides of the perimeter buildings, they're all going to be looking at a parking garage. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that and I can't help but feel like it's going to be weird as fuck. I can't think of a single instance of a garage that isn't tucked away or off to the side of a building, and I don't think it's going to work as the focal point.

  3. Hella bot response there. I bet you believe highways are racist too! I bet your a bot that was created by one of those Twitter employees who moved to redit

  4. Highways ARE racist though... Almost every single highway that runs through a city center was built right through non white communities. And some of the people in charge of deciding where these highways went were pretty open about there intentions. Look up the Federal Aid Highway Act.

  5. It’s a significant suburban/NKC/JoCo issue…. Why invest in public transit when you can post expired tags for karma?

  6. I'm confused. Are you suggesting that public transit is just some kind of thing that we can buy into? And that we are instead sharing pictures of people driving illegally for karma?

  7. Wish we could have a KC sub for all the people posting expired tags and asking for recommendations for restaurant week…

  8. Yeah I agree. While I guess I get people's concern with the whole tag thing, posting photos of unregistered cars doesn't really provide much in terms of conversation.

  9. Right! The “absolutely, 100%” part had me shaking my head. So confident yet so wrong. Par for the course around here.

  10. Fair enough. I was pretty confident about that.

  11. I've definitely seen firefighters using actual firetrucks getting food or even making a run to the Grocery store. Probably easier to respond to a fire if you take your FIRETRUCK with you instead of leaving it at the station and leaving, but ya know...that's only common sense.

  12. Right. I already admitted I made an incorrect assumption in this comment thread.

  13. Yeah I recently had someone do a drive by blood curdling scream at me. It's honestly terrifying...

  14. They're impossible to keep clean even with street sweepers. Because the cars naturally push all of the debris over to the side of the road. Also the way the roads are curved in order to prevent flooding means that when it rains it's going to push all the debris over into the bike lane. They would have to Street sweep at every single day and in almost every city they can't do it regularly enough to make sure there's not things like bolts screws pieces of glass completely covering the bike Lanes it's just sort of the physics of where the bike lanes are located. It's just safer for them to be in the regular road or the rest of the traffic is. Very few people commute with a bicycle, so it's really a disproportionate use of taxpayer funds to try and put that much infrastructure together that's going to largely go unused, remain unclaimed, and comes at a very high premium too clean and to develop. It's basically like a massive subsidy to anyone who rides bikes. It would probably be cheaper to buy them a car especially in most US cities where a population density is not in a place where most people could get wherever they need to get to around the city on a bike

  15. You're right. A singular bike lane does not do much for a city, and likely not very many people will use it because it only connects a few people to a few places. But adding these bike lanes is all apart of a bigger picture. There is a critical mass that occurs, where there is enough bike lanes that connect enough people, to enough places. THEN it becomes a feasible form of transportation. Would you own a car if you only had 1 or 2 roads to drive on that took you to a few specific locations? I doubt it, and I don't think it's right to argue against these projects because they don't immediately benefit you as an individual right this very moment. The truth of the matter is that relying on cars as our sole form of transportation is not sustainable environmentally or economically. Bike infrastructure is 1/50 of the cost to implement and maintain as car infrastructure and bikes themselves are probably on average 1/50 of the cost of car ownership.

  16. At least someone gets it. People love outrage porn though. This is a Vegas-style gimmick to pump up the brand, not an actual attempt at creating mass transit.

  17. Elon himself admitted that he drummed up the concept of the Hyperloop to try and stall high speed rail in California.

  18. It's like a slightly better super sonic cheeseburger. The question is, can you live without the sonic tots??

  19. Anti, I think it's that auto shop right there and they can't store vehicles on the street anymore, so they are angry about it.

  20. Well from the photo it looks like they can just store them on the sidewalk... Honestly screw these guys

  21. So in other words... your disinterest in bier station had nothing to do with bier station itself and everything to do with your preference to drink at home?

  22. It blows my mind that we have to dedicate 50%, maybe more, of a new luxury high rise's square footage to car storage in the densest part of our city. It's right next to the street car... Our city couldn't give any less effort to make our downtown less choked by cars.

  23. There was a city nerd video about that the other day lol

  24. Is this the actual saddle height? Or just for photos? I’ve always wondered if people a c t u a l l y ride in this kind of position … and enjoy it.

  25. Sometimes people's wingspan is longer than their height

  26. I visited New York earlier this year and one thing I realized that downtown KC is missing is legitimate park access. Everyone in New York is a short walk away from some impressive parks. In KC all of the larger parks are unreachable on foot like Cliff Drive and Penn Valley Park--which is quite the hike uphill, through some desolate areas, unwelcoming to pedestrians. I'm not saying that KC can or should be able to achieve a master plan the way NYC did. But these little "green spaces" or fenced off patches of grass that are there for dogs to take shits, don't do anything for the human psyche when one needs to get to some nature to decompress.

  27. I agree, although I wouldn't say the US isn't geographically built for it. I think that implies it's an issue of the landscape and not an issue of euclidean zoning and our built environment. It is certainly only an issue of the latter.

  28. Was Chappelle promised a ticket to space?

  29. The sign is the height of a small child. Pickup drivers can't see it. It also needs a number for the towing company.

  30. The sign is about 5 ft at it's top. The truck is just that gigantic.

  31. I haven't seen priority compact car parking in a long time

  32. It's in an older neighborhood in the downtown of my city. The entire lot is about 8 slots and compact only. The amount of times where trucks park there and make it to where you can't get to the back spots is too dang high

  33. Are we sure it's the actual pub owner? The article says the landlord turned them away. Maybe in the UK those things are rarely mutually exclusive, but it sounds like it's the person that owns the building not the pub. So they could be royally fucking over their tenant.

  34. In the UK, in the context of a pub, landlord means the person that runs/owns the pub

  35. Yeah that makes since I suppose. Not sure why people are down voting me for not understanding UK terms. In the USA a business owner would never be referred to as a landlord. That title is exclusive to people that rent their property to others.

  36. Still going with the weak sauce “finish any group ride and get the kit!” setup I see. At least maintain some element of it being difficult to achieve. Right now it’s a literal participation trophy.

  37. I disagree. You'd have to average 62.5km(~39mi) a day for 8 days to achieve that. Few people have the amount of free time necessary to get that done. I certainly don't.

  38. I just upgraded to the hub from a Saris M2. It is better in almost every way:

  39. Great! Now the street and sidewalk will be occupied by barricades for only another 2-3 years...

  40. Yeah yeah, the turkey is trash. Can we talk about the fake brick vinyl walls though? This is a prime McMansion kitchen, designed for rich people that dont have any discernible taste. They don't have any idea about what makes something of good quality or have any desire for authenticity.

  41. This is honestly brilliant job marketing. They listed the higher positions to catch your eye, and knowing full well that 99.9% of employees don't make it to those roles. Most probably don't make it past $16. Which isn't exactly great, but no one is focusing on that.

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