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  1. You want to know the really frustrating parts of the whole situation? Buckle up! This shelter had been sitting with him in their kennel listed as "unadoptable" for two months because they were "sure he had owners looking for him." He apparently did not. Over 15 people had reached out to adopt him as well as two breed specific rescues and they turned them all down because they "just knew his owner was out there."

  2. I thought folks in the UK used the British spelling of licence, not the American version of license?

  3. There’s an excellent chapter in the book called Skyfaring by Mark Vanhoenacker where he discusses the lineage of sailing ships to planes and the several references in today’s aviation world which tie back to sailing ships of old. Calling them spaceships would seem to be an evolution of that lineage.

  4. I found it to be very difficult and don’t think I could’ve done it without the training material. That said, I approached my employer to pay for it and now 7 years later I can see that it put me on an arc that I would not otherwise have found.

  5. Tucker Gun Leather (they have kydex holsters as well) or Vedder Holsters

  6. It's true Fox news told md Dr.'s are all liers and this is so the government can track me like the nAziNeOcOmMuNiSts state we are thanks to the technoolirepublicrats lizards really in power!!!!!

  7. This is pretty much my argument every time. It’s like, either the government is a huge wastefully inept institution that needs defunding (except for law enforcement), or it single-handedly planned and achieved the biggest coup in humanity’s history without the help of other nations. You can’t really have it both ways…

  8. In terms of the life expectancy, I’d be worried about the battery first. I have a 2018 iPad Pro and I’ve noticed the battery doesn’t hold a charge like it used to. Great iPad though. I use it for work and it’s brilliant for quite a few activities.

  9. Love how this guy says, “Just want to tell you what isn’t mentioned about recovering from Covid.” It surely is mentioned, just apparently not in the bubble of right-wing nonsense this guy’s been hiding in. Not sure how much louder the medical professionals need to yell their Covid concerns out into society. But hey, do your own research.

  10. The race of the victim

  11. That girl with the pepper spray is a legit hero. Her parents raised her right.

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