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  1. Same as last time. Carney will veto it, it goes back to the house and someone calls out sick missing the vote to override his veto.

  2. No I hate commuting. I don't want a car payment. I don't want to pay car insurance. I don't want to pay for gas that these companies over charge us for. I don't want to deal with assholes who are so self absorbed that they do stupid and reckless shit to save themselves 10 seconds on their arrival time.

  3. I am so confused why this is such a big topic in the US, do you guys not have any real issues?

  4. That's the thing. We do have real issues. But the right wing is fanning this bullshit culture war to try and distract us from these real issues. And it's working.

  5. I don’t know about InfoSec bootcamps, but I’m studying for Net+ right now. 4 day bootcamp for Net+ doesn’t sound right. Average study time is 2-3 months.

  6. That's why I'm asking. 🤣 Hell, day 5 isn't even a lesson it's "Net+ exam review" "take Net+ exam."

  7. "And we will continue to donate that money to politicians who will systematically wipe them out, all so we can get as much of a tax break as possible."

  8. Since you care about fiscal responsibility so much. Why don't you advocate for Bernie's Medicare for All? This plan would save us $2 - 6 TRILLION over 10 years.

  9. Offhand, are you using kojak's NLA port or L00ping's?

  10. I suspected you were probably using L00's, since you said it works with Cabbage for NAT3.

  11. Hmmm. After trying out Kojak's there doesn't really seem to be much of a difference from what I can tell.

  12. Fascism is literally a direct response to Socialism. During the 1920s as workers fought for their rights and Socialism/Communism began to spread, capitalists started funding and propping up direct opposition. This is why we say capitalism will always devolve into fascism. They will do anything to keep their money and power including propping up nazis and other fascists.

  13. My main question is, why did Parapets get pissy now? The first three ports Fuzzlesz did were uploaded December 31st, we're now halfway through March!

  14. It just sounds like Parapets had some issue with Fuzz for some reason and abused the report button rather than talk to him about whatever issue they had.

  15. I personally don't understand all these moves. Completely. No single idea what have happened. If you're Parapets and you dislike my NG'ed logo, please tell me so I can change everything you want. Such questions between authors should not be solved with strikes or restrictions or something, I dunno, this looks unhealthy.

  16. Honestly your best friend sounds like a terrible person. She's trying to pressure you into something you don't want. I'm willing to bet that her boyfriend doesn't even know about this. And m also willing to bet if you stick with this threesome, they are both going to ignore you and just fuck each other.

  17. Parapets reported Fuzz's ports. What else would the mod staff have done if Fuzz did not comply or hide the mods?

  18. Yeah by adding new and exclusive content/fixes to others version, leaving ONLY 1.5.97 without any update. Good job man.

  19. CSF is also open permission. Make a backport yourself. Or commission it from someone who can.

  20. Mine is trying to delete Central Americans.

  21. As much as I support nuclear energy I think we are about to hit a tipping point where it's not going to be viable. France gets most of its energy from nuclear, last summer it got so hot the waterways they use to cool nuclear plants heated up so much they had to lower nuclear production because the reactors couldn't be cooled as efficiently.

  22. What does his maturity level have to do with his sexual preferences though? Lol like what

  23. Sexual preference is fine and all but if you're in a relationship with someone who cannot take birth control like OP, and you refuse to wear a condom, you're immature.

  24. Liberals will never break away from capitalism. Capitalism always devolves into fascism. Simple as that.

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