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  1. There's a difference between "claiming" something, and giving a bad answer off the cuff when you're asked a random question during an interview

  2. he said there were millions of kids on puberty blockers when the actual number is less than 5,000. seems like an dumbass to me.

  3. it’s so insane to me that people don’t realize that many latin american countries are majority european ancestry (argentina, chile, among others). latino is not a race but a cultural identity, and there are millions of white latinos; therefore, they can be white supremacists, it’s not rocket science. speaking as a mixed race latina!

  4. the mermaids in this movie were so racist towards humans it was insane

  5. MFW Hillary conceded the election and trump never did…..apples and oranges brother

  6. While Christianity may not be actively persecuted in western countries, the environment is no longer predominantly Christian as it was until recently and there are definitely “anti christian” sentiments coming to the fore.

  7. what are you talking about? the majority of the US and the vast majority of congress is Christian.

  8. legalizing no fault divorce drastically lowered the suicide rate of married women. i don’t understand the arguments against it, as banning it would do nothing but trap women in unhappy marriages. you do not have the right to force someone to stay with you.

  9. ok to be fair i’m 20 and i trip and fall sometimes too

  10. if you look at the tweet cruz posted about this all of the top replies are upset about it

  11. Remember back in the 2008 election when Biden was against gay marriage?

  12. the reason obama and biden were against gay marriage was because they needed to denounce it to win the democratic nomination. so crazy how much times have changed.

  13. conservatives are such snowflakes ! if your biggest problem is chick fil a hiring a fives dot executive you need to go touch grass and get a hobby.

  14. if you think only conservative christians eat chick fil a you’re just stupid

  15. Nobody wants to execute kids in high school selling weed, homeboy. Take fentanyl dealers for example. They bring tonnes of drugs into US and claim the lives of easily hundreds of people. If we executed these people they'd stop, no?

  16. except singapore just executed a man for selling weed….

  17. Even though harsh I'd argue it's still the best criminal justice law in the world. If we were to implement it to our western countries we'd make it a little softer, like not that for example. Because that's why Singapore has good things and I have heroin addicted grannies shitting in the middle of the street in Stoke-On-Trent.

  18. yeah, no thanks. i like my freedom and civil liberties

  19. every single immigrant broke into your friends apartment and stabbed him?

  20. okay and a MAGAt sent a bomb threat to a target in layton and jackson townships so i don’t know what point you’re trying to prove

  21. conservatives are the real snowflakes, change my mind.

  22. “the debt ceiling should not be used as a bargaining chip” - donald trump, 2019. republicans are the biggest hypocrites ever

  23. ron desantis doesn’t have a chance against trump in the primaries and is too extreme to have a chance in the general so i’m not worried

  24. The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill entered political vernacular in Spring/Summer 2022, shortly after this Disney (reluctantly) out a few statements and suggested they may cut back on donations to R lawmakers.

  25. literally just google disney’s stock and you can see it’s only down .76% from a year ago

  26. all it takes is a google search to see this is simply not true lol

  27. Except all of those shootings that involved manifestos got theirs released posthaste. The media is running cover for this particular scumbag. I can only make an educated guess as to why.

  28. there was no manifesto in the nashville shooting, just a bunch of ramblings. seriously, you can look this up and the police have confirmed

  29. I mean, good on your for still fighting it. Many in your quadrant fell to racism a long time ago.

  30. mermaids aren’t real the right are snowflakes

  31. this is the problem with rainbow capitalism. corporations pretend to support the LGBTQ community by posting rainbow ads but when it actually comes time to defend them? crickets.

  32. honestly have no idea how his career recovered from that photo it’s so damning.

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