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  1. This must be the deals that they said were in place. Reymega is back. "Awre you weady?"

  2. TFW it's 1910 and you're leaving a play and you see a drunkard begging for money in the mud.

  3. I want to see some high-quality special effects this time utilizing no less than 60 computers to render.

  4. Yeah they kinda blew it the last few times. Looked really amateur and fake.

  5. LOST. Say what you will about the story but man, those songs hit you at just the right moments and make you FEEL.

  6. Huh cool... What the fuck is this nasty shit?

  7. Eric Young looks like an unpopped blister and sounds like he gargles thumbtacks. Maybe that's why he didn't get that push.

  8. I cannot hang framed stuff in my detolf💀 I’m talking about any type of adhesive/tape that won’t ruin the glass later on

  9. I wonder if the landlord contemplated the pros and cons of staging an "accidental" carbon monoxide leak in Chateau De Bog at that moment.

  10. His recommendation to stare at a woman’s face and into her mouth when she is talking really works. Just ended my 24 year dry spell

  11. damn congrats man. working on 30 years here, myself. I'm slathering myself in bond soap and being patient though. I'll try the mouth thing.

  12. what kind of monologue? what kind of monologue? what kind of monologue? what kind of monologue? what kind of monologue? what kind of monologue? what kind of monologue?

  13. Thank god he’s doing a review. It’s not like every single person in the wider western world has had these or anything.

  14. just wait for the twinkie review, troll

  15. Can't wait to hear this shit on 24/7 when I visit my family for holidays.

  16. I personally think it gets progressively worse each season, but is still overall enjoyable.

  17. When is this from and what's the story? Did he rub tactical soap in his eyes by mistake?

  18. If you hire bean to house sit for you you deserve what happens. That sick fuck needs to be put to death.

  19. Definitely sounds and looks like him. Same cadence when he speaks and he has the same posture. I'd bet some money it was him.

  20. My name is Giovanni Vinci, but everyone calls me... Vinci.

  21. Found it being sold on a site called Shein

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