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  1. I'm trans which means that the tsums that are falling from the following the link below to continue watching the playlist of relaxing soft piano music and I'm not sure if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings to determine how attachments are handled the situation and I will be in the game is at the moment I am not sure if you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings.....

  2. This would have been much better title for this post.

  3. Pooh and Friends will be on a Japanese TV channel on 3/31 so to celebrate here is an all Pooh and Friends gatcha.

  4. Now we wait for the “is this tsum worth it” list to see that 99% of them are a no

  5. I usually disagree with the usual "everything is useless" advice from most months but for April I'd agree. The charm tsums and Gadget are decent enough but nothing special. Esmeralda and Quasimodo are poor. Quasimodo is the worst tsum in ages. Worse than bad. Shitty, rubbish,'ll probably get him to SL5 before getting anyone else.

  6. I'd disagree with Select Box 2 Baseball Pooh is a very decent coin farmer if you can do his very easy timing.

  7. Chip and Dale charm tsums are decent enough. Quite light charge for charm tsums so you can use their skill many times. Still end up being just above average though.

  8. Lady is old. Imagine when she first came out and all we had were happiness tsums and a handful of weak burst tsums and suddenly there was a tsum who's skill doubled your coins. Bursts back then we're weak and you'd get as many from making longer chains and Lady doubled those coins. People liked her. Now she is totally useless as there's much much much much better coin tsums but she had a niche in her day.

  9. Can't say I ever considered that, but I feel like Eeyore could provide the same practice and without costing 30k ...

  10. If played well, Eeyore makes the practice too easy. Usually with eeyore, after a few skills I've got the whole board changed to mytsums and it's just swipe, pop, skill, swipe, pop, skill.

  11. Can you tell that third guy in my head to please stop singing that exact same line over and over for me? He won’t shut up and it’s been five hours.

  12. For the last week I've had the same few lines of a fake commercial from a Ren and Stumpy episode I saw once maybe 25 or 30 years ago. Where the hell did this come from. How did it get in my head and why won't it leave.

  13. Definition varies though. Japanese women prefer no facial hair, skinny bodies, and anyone above 165cm is considered sufficiently tall for a man.

  14. It depends. One of my friends is a petit Japanese girl, super into pink and frills and she likes big hairy guys with a nice gut.

  15. Encanto isn't so popular in Japan. My daughter loves it but I don't think any of her friends have ever seen it. If it's not popular here then I don't think it's that likely we'll see more of them.

  16. This is not a very good map at all. The green areas should all have a massive asterisk.

  17. Yeah, I feel that you'd be safer in Japan despite the lack of equality laws than some states in the USA.

  18. Ouch. You have not had the best luck I. The premium boxes have you?

  19. There's hundreds of tsums. Not everyone can be the best.

  20. If there are no bubbles on the screen at the start of her skill then make a quick chain of three before making a longer chain that would clear the whole screen and require a bubble to speed it up.

  21. to be clear, after I started the bingo card I only did one play and that was with Moana

  22. Every tsum with black hair counts as a black tsum.

  23. Master of the wit and the repartee His command of space directives is uncanny How come he's such a genius? Don't ask me Ask Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer

  24. More reliable than a garden strimmer.

  25. Latest iPhone > Sony Xperia > Recent iPhones > Latest Androids > Old iPhones > Old/cheap androids.

  26. Yes. Sony Xperia has something called game enhancer which really helps tsum tsum. I had a flagship Samsung S10 and it was good but when I got a Sony Xperia 5 II, my first game with Cinderella was 250 million. Hadn't been able to get anything like it before.

  27. So deserved! Antony Starr has definitely made the character of Homelander his own. I honestly can’t picture anyone else for the role. He steals the show! I’m looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for him with other projects as well as Season 4 of The Boys.

  28. The fact is every time he's in a scene with anyone I feel like he might just kill them. Every single scene. He is just amazing and getting that menacing vibe across.

  29. I managed 25 million with King Mickey KHVER3 at SL6.

  30. Does popping the bubble help clear your chain off the screen quicker? Honest question.

  31. Yes, long chains can take a long time to clear, it's always good to save a bubble to help speed the clearance up. For very long chains like you might get with some tsum (like Gaston) you need to save a bubble or you'll lose so much time waiting for the chain to clear.

  32. You have to overcharge. Her charging penalty during her skill is severe.

  33. How does overcharging work with Namine since she’s not a burst?

  34. Much better than with a burst tsum as you do t need to worry about the tsums being settle and getting an optimal clearance. You could overcharge very aggressively and not have any negative by the time you've made your swipe around the screen it'll be full and you'll clear a lot.

  35. Queen and mirror has the range only slightly extended. So when you don't have enough close together it can be impossible to chain. It's better with her to save the mirror skill for the times you can't chain the old witch tsums or right at the end of the skill.

  36. The amount of submissions I see and think "ok, what am I supposed to do with this?" I think some people don't know what a guide is.

  37. Very new. Just started adding folks for the heart exchange and using the 5 > 4 to get past early card hurdles. When just grinding out coins is it basically always best to use the coin power up as soon as you're consistently getting over 500 coins a run on a particular tsum? They seem to give you gadget for early grinding.

  38. The average payout from the coin bonus is about 30% so you should be consistently getting around 1600 coins per game before using the coin bonus or it's not going to be worth it overall. If you're only getting 1000 coins per game you're average bonus will be 300 coins or a 200 coin loss.

  39. One you master Namine she'll produce decent score too. 20m+ at SL6 and it's easy. Sora and Roxas can score higher, if you're really good and have good luck.

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