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  1. This is the moment I realized she DIDNT mean mouth-fuck..

  2. Gatekeep me all you want, but this was the moment I fell in love. I never was a hater, but I never was truly a fan, either. This struck a chord with me that other music had not in a while. I was shocked. Folklore melted me.

  3. This is similar to what happened to me! I never thought I’d be into her music (not a hater either but never really gave it a shot). Then listened to Evermore randomly and then I was like, what is this magic? From there went to Folklore and pretty much don’t listen to anything but Taylor anymore!

  4. Yay! Thanks so much for letting me know! Link fixed and I hope to talk soon!

  5. I totally resonate with this experience! Lamotrigine helped my depression so much but because I was still on antidepressants (inaccurate diagnosis for years) I kept going into hypomania and it’s only getting slightly better now. Are you taking anything in addition to the lamotrigine?

  6. I’m on Prozac because I’ve always had really bad anxiety.

  7. Obviously I’m not a pro, but it did help me to talk about lowering my dose of antidepressants after I gave it a few weeks. Overall it really improved my experience though with time! Wishing you some great weeks ahead!

  8. Hi! I was first diagnosed with depression, so was on 450mg of Wellbutrin and 20mg of Lexapro before being diagnosed with bipolar 2 and getting on lamotrigine. I was able to get off Lexapro (though I did it too quickly) and got down to 300mg of Wellbutrin. I was constantly in a state of hypomania. My hypomanic episodes last for a few great days and then end in an awful mixed state. I recently lowered Wellbutrin and have been much more stable with fewer highs.

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